Got a toilet?  Then you can also have a bidet – easily and relatively inexpensively.

toilet seat bidet for elongated toiletPhoenix homeowners no longer need an expensive plumbing remodel, or need to expand the size of their bathroom, in order to enjoy the benefits of a bidet.   Almost any toilet can now also function as a bidet, with the installation of a bidet toilet seat.

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Popular and quite common in many European countries, in the United States bidets have long been considered a luxury item that only the rich and famous can afford.   But no more!  Several plumbing manufacturers are now offering the “Bidet Toilet Seat”, a relatively inexpensive innovation that can add value, comfort, and enhanced personal hygiene to any bathroom.

These toilet seats will fit most standard toilets.

These toilet seats are, for the most part, pretty universal in size, designed to be installed on almost any toilet, including one piece or two piece, elongated or round front.  We have to caution you, however, to be sure to check compatibility of the bidet toilet seat you want to purchase with your existing (or new) toilet; we’ve run into one instance where a European Bidet Toilet Seat was incompatible (bolt spread) with the home’s toilet and couldn’t be installed.  

But in general these toilet seats are fairly easy to install.  However, we do have some advice for homeowners who are planning to do their own installation.

First, as mentioned, be sure to check the bolt spread, as well as the design, of the toilet you plan to install the seat on.  While these bidet seats fit most toilets, if your toilet has an unusual shape (a square bowl, for instance) the seat may not fit properly which may compromise its function.

You may still want to have a plumber install your toilet seat bidet.

In most cases, the seat will come with everything you need to install it, including a tee that can be added to the toilet supply line to feed water to the bidet.  We’ve seen a few that came with what’s called a plumbing saddle valve to allow you to tap into the copper pipe behind the shut off valve.  We don’t like either option. In our professional opinion, both the saddle tap and the tee are prone to leaks.  We recommend you install, or have installed, a dual shut off valve at the toilet.

Will you want heated, or unheated?
You’ll also find you have a choice of an electric/heated bidet seat or an unheated one that does not require any electrical source.  Most people prefer the electric/heated seat (which not only offers a heated toilet seat but heats the water in the seat’s reservoir).  If you’re one of them, be sure you have a GFCI outlet close enough to the toilet to allow the seat to be plugged in safely.  And, be sure the toilet seat bidet model you buy operates on 110v, or you’ll have the added expense of an electrician’s charges.

In fact, be sure to research all the options that come with the toilet seat bidet you’re considering before you buy it.  Besides choosing a heated or unheated model, you’ll have choices like how much water the reservoir holds, how long it takes to warm the water, how far the spray handles (especially the anterior sprayer) extend, spray pressure settings, how easy (or difficult) the sprayers may be to keep clean, etc.  All of these will influence your enjoyment of your new bidet.

Questions?  Give us a call!  An experienced plumber is always available during business hours to answer your questions.

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