Water Leak Detections Services at a Phoenix homeFour and a half feet deep!  That’s a pretty deep hole this plumber had to excavate to fix an underground pipe leak.  Looks like he’s pretty amazed at the size of the hole, too!

Water leak detection in homes in Phoenix rarely exposes a water pipe this deep, usually the pipes are more like 18″ deep.  But this home was built on a slope and the builder chose to build up, rather than level the lot.

Fortunately, our water leak detection plumbers are capable of pinpointing underground pipe leaks very accurately.  So, although the hole that had to be made to provide access to repair the leaking pipe was larger than normal, due to the unusual depth of the water pipe, the leak detection expert was able to keep it as small as possible because he had located the leaking pipe so accurately in the first place.  The homeowner was happy to only have to replace a couple of floor tiles when the leak repair was completed and the concrete patched.

Unfortunately, as often happens, this home had another leak some time after this one was repaired.  The local soil conditions in the Phoenix area, as well as our “aggressive” water (water with a high PH balance), are a leading cause of the underground copper pipe leaks we see far too often in Phoenix and across the valley.

When we sent a plumber to find and repair the second water leak, he actually detected two more pipe leaks in the water lines under the concrete at this house.  This time, the homeowner opted to invest in a partial re route of the plumbing – replacing the leaking portion of the underground water pipes with new pipes run through the attic of the home.  The home still has some water pipes underground, so there’s no absolute guarantee that there won’t be any future leaks, but the risk is greatly minimized now that much of the water piping has been rerouted.

Leak detection in water pipes, whether it’s leak detection under concrete or leak detection in walls, requires specialized equipment as well as training and experience in the use of that equipment.  Our leak detection specialists are all thoroughly trained and very experienced in the use of our electronic leak detection equipment.

If you need a plumber to find a water leak in your Phoenix home, give us a call.   Our water leak detection cost is very affordable.  In fact, we offer leak detection anytime you have us do the leak repair.  And, we always quote prices up front, before any work is done.  No surprises!

Call today for fast, accurate, affordable, expert water leak detection services in Phoenix, and valleywide.

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