phoenix water heater repairWater Heater making noises?  That’s not always a bad thing!

Water Heater singing?  That’s not news, you say.  Lots of us have heard or read of water heaters “singing” – making whining, wheezing, high pitched and annoying noises for whatever reason.  Look at this post, for instance:

“Hello all, been awhile.

Was wondering if you could offer some insight:
Just installed a new water heater. Electric. 4500 watt elements high and low. Copper fittings feeding and going away. I offer these details because…

wait for it…

It sings!

When the elements come on to do their job, it seems as though the elements have gone sort of harmonic in nature.  Almost sounds like that ringing that accompanies the interruptive voice on your telly that has just come on to tell you about the “emergency broadcast system”…if this were a real emergency…”   You know the one I mean?” (1)(very cute post!)

Or, some less dramatic and more direct posts, but still the same issue:

“Why does my hot water heater sing? We can hear a high pitched whine throughout the house…”  (2)

or,  “I have a unique problem with my pipes or hot water heater singing mostly when I turn on the hot water for anything. ” (3

And, of course, the quasi-amusing (and over used) response: “What does it sing?”

Well, chuckle no more.  The next time you hear or read of a water heater singing, if you ask “what does it sing?” the answer may surprise you!

Look at this excerpt from an article in a recent issue of the Hindu Business Line:(4)

“A leading electronics brand Haier has launched a unique sing-in-shower technology – ‘Aquatunes’ water heater, installed with music options, which allows users to listen to their favourite tracks while taking a bath.”

Yep, that’s right.  A real singing water heater!  It works with a pen drive which allows the water heater to play the music as soon as the pen-drive is inserted into the requisite slot in the water heater.

Apparently, people in India are even more addicted to their tunes than Americans are!

The heater has two built-in speakers with a volume of over 90 decibels so you can hear your tunes even over the sound of the shower – in stereo!  And, the heater even has a 5 star energy efficiency rating.

Downside?  Two, actually.  First, it only has a 15L (about 4 gallon) capacity.  So you’ll need to pick a short tune –  and take a fairly short shower.

And, second, it’s not available in the United States at this time.  But we’ll be watching this innovative technology and will be sure to let you know as soon as it is!

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