water heater leakingWater damage from a water heater leaking may not be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy.

If you have an old, rusty water heater, or a water heater leaking for any reason, you may want to consider replacing it before it can cause water damage to your home.

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Most homeowners know that their insurance company will not cover losses or damage due to normal and expected home maintenance issues.  Which means replacement of a water heater leaking due to rust of the tank is not covered by your insurance.

Even major damage from a water heater leaking may not be covered.

But did you know that if that water heater should happen to leak badly enough to cause damage to your home, to flooring, furnishings, etc. your claim still may be denied?

Insurers hold homeowners responsible for proper maintenance of their home, including appliances (like your water heater) in the home.  So, if your waterheater is visibly rusted, and there is evidence of the water heater leaking (some staining on the floor around it, for instance) your insurance company most likely will deny any claims for damage if that heater should flood your home.

Hot water heaters can, and do, develop problems over time.   But, if you have your water heater serviced each year – draining and cleaning the heater as recommended by the manufacturer (which we highly recommend) – many potential problems can be detected before that flood occurs.

A periodic inspection may help prevent your water heater leaking from poor maintenance.

A basic inspection can detect minor leaks before they become major leaks.  If water has been leaking, or spraying, onto adjacent walls/floor an inspection may disclose this before the damage is significant.  Signs of rust, of course, are an indication of a leak, and imminent tank failure.  An inspection of the temperature and pressure (t&p) relief valve can reveal minor leaks indicating the valve isn’t working properly, and needs to be replaced.  The shut-off valve should also be checked to be sure it’s in good working order.  And pipes leading to and from the heater should also be inspected for signs of deterioration.

A little prevention goes a long way.  Maintain your water heater properly, and you’ll get more problem-free years of use from it.  You may also avoid potential problems from your water heater leaking, resulting in damages that are not covered by your insurance.

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