Plumber in Phoenix picture of Tony of Stevens Plumbing Heating & Air ConditioningThis blog has nothing to do with the plumbing heating or ac business – except that, of course, nowadays Tony is a plumber in Phoenix, working at Stevens Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning.  But, as this picture shows, that wasn’t always the case. 

Here’s Tony in his “cowboy” days.  Check out the hats!  And the hair!  We thought those of you who know him now would enjoy seeing this blast from his past.  We sure did!

We asked him how long ago this was and he said he couldn’t remember.  In fact, it took him awhile to pick himself out in this picture!  Well, I guess we all change with time.   We had a little informal contest to see who could find him fastest and Maureen won.   She picked him out right away.  

How about you?  Can you find him?  No?  Not sure?  Okay – click here to see him circled in the picture.