Phoenix repipe plumbers get into homes that have some serious plumbing repair issues, and this is certainly one of them!  One of our repipe specialists responded to the request for an estimate for various plumbing repairs at this Phoenix home, because the description of the plumbing problems indicated some pretty extensive plumbing repairs might be required, possibly including a whole-house repipe.  And, that’s exactly what he found.

While the homeowner might wish we could simply replace this old water heater, the fact is that’s not a realistic solution in this case.  As you can see, the plumbing has been installed in front of the water heater, meaning the pipes would have to be removed just to get to the old waterheater to remove it.  And, there’s an odd mix of piping here.  It appears the home was plumbed using refrigeration tubing, instead of the type of copper pipe normally used for residential plumbing.  Actually not that unusual back in the 40s and 50s, when this mobile home was built, but certainly not up to today’s standards.

Also, it’s obvious repairs have been made to the pipes over the years, which is why you can see different size pipe and fittings.   It seems clear this plumbing was not installed by, or repaired by, a licensed plumber! And there’s evidence of extensive corrosion on the pipes and the fittings where the pipes have leaked over the years.

The home also has no shut-off valves – none at all!  With old, corroded pipes like these all through the house – pipes that could leak at any time – and no shut-off valves, this is a flood just waiting to happen!  But, again, since the whole house is plumbed in the wrong type and size piping, and the pipes are in very poor condition, it’s just not feasible to install shut-off valves in the existing plumbing system.

In fact, no responsible plumber would attempt to make plumbing repairs in a situation like this.  The right solution is to remove this old, corroded piping which isn’t the correct size or type in the first place, and replace it with new water pipes throughout the house.  Not what the homeowner wants to hear?!  It’s true a complete repipe costs more than this homeowner might have planned on paying for more simple plumbing repairs. But, the good news is that with a complete hot and cold repipe, including shut-off valves where appropriate, this homeowner can look forward to having a problem-free water plumbing system for many years, and can avoid what could be extensive flood damage to the home.  Like we always say:  “Repipe …before the flood!”.

And there’s more good news.  Repiping will definitely add to this home’s market value.  In fact, the added value should more than offset the cost of the repipe.

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