When building a new home or renovating the bathroom, the toilet is often not given the thought it deserves!  But giving thought to your choice of toilet can mean your bathroom design is not only functional, but comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.  Over the past several years, the toilet has been redesigned and now offers many benefits that were not previously thought about.

Start with function, of course.  You know that saying: “Form follows function.”  Well, obviously, it doesn’t matter how attractive a toilet is if it doesn’t function well.  And, that includes how well it works as a low-flush model.  Toilets can save money by limiting the amount of water it takes to operate them. Even with the water limitations, they are now designed to operate efficiently and to be fully functional. Several designs offer a range of styles that fit the construction of any home. The cost of these bathroom items will be consistent with the type of toilets that are being purchased. The cost of toilets will depend on the sizes, overall functions and styles.

Advanced toilet technology is not a simple ball-and-chain method of flushing. Today, the commode is being considered more and more as a big part of the bathroom. It is no longer taken for granted or assumed, but it’s included with the same care as the sink and bathtub. No fully functioning bathroom can be without it. Styles of commodes can include energy-saving designs, easy maintenance, and other latest trends. There are electronic commodes with personal water-cleansing apparatuses. They flush with the push of a button and produce water to help clean when needed. The apparatus is hidden until the appropriate time.

Many toilet-fixture companies use designs that channel the flow of water in such a way that the force is more concentrated in the areas needed. Limiting the use of water depends on this flow. Because of its function, there are several tankless-commode designs or some toilets with smaller reservoirs. State-of-the-art toilets are able to lift the seat automatically when needed. Maintenance will require someone who is knowledgeable about these technologies. We are the right plumbers who can service them if a problem arises. Commodes are our business. We have the knowledge and experience. When it comes to installations or servicing, we are the best.

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