Is your toilet Comfortable?

comfort height toilet phoenixComfort height toilets are gaining in popularity.

Comfort height toilets have been gaining in popularity in recent years, and not just with the elderly and those with physical challenges.  Comfort height toilets also benefit taller individuals, and they are easier on the knees and back of almost anyone, as well as enhancing sit-to-stand-ability for those who need the assistance.  They may also be easier to flush for some people, as the flush lever is at a higher level making it easier to reach.

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Comfort Height toilets vs ADA Compliant.

You might be wondering if a Comfort Height toilet is the same as an ADA Compliant toilet.  No…and yes.

First, let’s talk about a standard toilet, which has a height of approximately 14.5 inches from the floor to the toilet rim (this height does not include the toilet seat.  Toilet seat thicknesses can vary and will obviously impact the comfort level of the toilet.)  An ADA Compliant toilet is quite a bit taller.  In fact, an ADA Compliant toilet is required to be between 17″ and 19″ from floor to rim.

ADA compliant toilets are recommended for individuals who need maximum sit-to-stand assistance, and generally an assistance railing will be installed alongside the ADA Compliant toilet to accomodate those needing help to maintain an independant standard of living.

Comfort Height toilets.

Somewhat in the middle of these height ranges is the Comfort Height toilet – which, by the way, is also referred to by some as a Luxury Height toilet.  The Comfort Height toilet is approximately 16.5 inches from floor to rim – two inches taller than the standard – which gives it just enough additional height to add a level of comfort to the bathroom experience (hence the name).

For the record, there are some models of toilets included in the Comfort Height category that are actually between 17 and 17 1/2 inches tall, making them ADA Compliant, but at that height we still refer to them as Comfort Height toilets as they would not necessarily have the height needed for full sit-to-rise assistance applications.   So, Comfort Height refers to those toilets that are approximately 16.5 inches tall – or perhaps a bit taller – and at least two inches more than a standard toilet.

Two inches may not seem like much of a difference, but if you have stiff knees, a back problem, if you’re above average height, if you have hip challenges – pretty much any situation or condition that makes sitting and rising comfortably just a little difficult – that two inches can mean all the difference in the world to you!

In other words, maybe you don’t need the full assistance of an ADA Compliant toilet, but maybe you wouldn’t mind a toilet that sits at a more comfortable height.  That’s exactly what a Comfort Height toilet offers – a more comfortable experience for a majority of users.

Home Builders are installing Comfort Height toilets as the new “standard”.

How important is comfort?  Pretty important for a lot of people!  In fact, Comfort Height toilets are so popular now that many custom home builders are installing them as a standard feature in their homes.  And, Chip Wade, professional contractor and host of HGTV’s Elbow Room, says “having a comfort height toilet in the bathroom may be a selling point for a future buyer.”(1)

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