Sewer pipe being located by Phoenix plumber using sewer pipe locator equipmentOur Sewer Line Repair just got better!

Our Phoenix Sewer Line Repair department just purchased a new Navitrack Pipe Locator.  Combined with our sewer camera equipment, the use of this sewer pipe locator will increase the accuracy of our sewer line locating service.

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Sewer line repair and sewer line replacement in Phoenix AZ, for over thirty years.

We’ve been doing sewer line repair and sewer line replacement in Phoenix and valleywide, for over thirty years.  And we know that finding a sewer line with as much accuracy as possible is the first important step.

What homeowner wants a plumber to make a hole in their yard the size of the Grand Canyon looking for the sewer pipe?  We can minimize the mess as well as the cost of sewer line repair by locating the sewer line as precisely as possible before we begin excavation.

Sewer Line being located by sewer line repair plumber in Phoenix AZSometimes, we’re called to a Phoenix residence by a homeowner who knows where a sewer line problem is.  Often roots in sewer line have caused recurring main sewer line stoppages.  The homeowner may ask us to repair the pipe at the point where there’s an obvious invasion of tree roots in sewer line. 

And if Sewer Line Replacement is necessary…

Our sewer camera inspection, however, might reveal more problems than just roots in sewer pipe, that the homeowner isn’t aware of.  Maybe there’s a break in the sewer pipe further down the line from where the tree roots have invaded the pipe, or perhaps a section of aged sewer pipe, maybe clay pipe or old orangeburg pipe,  has completely deteriorated for instance.

In this case, we can save the homeowner money by recommending a complete sewer line replacement.  The cost to repair a section of sewer pipe is often nearly as much as the cost to replace sewer line.  So in a case where our inspection reveals multiple problems with a sewer line, we often recommend the homeowner consider a new sewer line installation.

Questions?  Need an estimate on sewer pipe repair cost?   Or on the cost of sewer line replacement?  Give us a call.  A plumber experienced in Phoenix sewer line repair and sewer line replacement is always available during business hours to answer your questions.

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