slab leak in Phoenix may not be problem with water heaterIs a Slab Leak the real reason for no hot water?

A slab leak – the plumbing industry’s term for a leak in a water pipe under the slab foundation of a home – might be draining your home’s hot water supply.  If you don’t have enough hot water, don’t automatically blame your hot water heater!

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Most Slab Leaks occur in your home’s hot water pipes.

Many slab leaks – in fact, most slab leaks – occur in the hot water pipes under your home (what plumbers call the “hot side”).  If a leak develops in a hot water pipe under the slab, you’ll be losing/leaking hot water at a continuous, and often pretty rapid rate, meaning there won’t be enough (or any) hot water for your household needs.

There are a couple of primary reasons for this.
There are two primary reasons why a slab leak is most apt to develop on the hot side.

First, if you live in an area where the water is very corrosive (and many areas in the Phoenix, Arizona valley do have very corrosive water conditions), heat from the water in the pipes can increase the corrosity.  So if corrosion of the pipes is the problem, it almost certainly will show up in a hot water pipe first.

Rocks in the soil can also be a problem.  Hot water pipes expand and contract (more than cold water pipes), and this movement, which causes the pipe to rub against the rock, can result in a leak in the pipe over time.

No hot water is one of the key symptoms of a slab leak.

Whatever the reason, what you need to know is that no hot water – or not enough hot water – is one of the primary symptoms of a slab leak.  

Unfortunately, most homeowners assume a shortage of hot water means a problem with the water heater.   If your water heater is older, it could very well be the problem.  But don’t automatically assume it is!  Too many homeowners have replaced their hot water heater and then discovered they still don’t have enough hot water!

We encourage our customers to call us first if they have no hot water, or not enough hot water.  We’ll check your water heater to see if that is, in fact, the problem but if we rule that out, we’ll then recommend you have us check for a slab leak.

Locating a slab leak doesn’t have to be expensive!

The process of locating a slab leak is usually quick and simple, with the right equipment and the right knowledge, of course.  And it doesn’t have to break the bank.  In fact, right now we’re running a special: Slab Leak Locating only $69!  

Not enough hot water?  Call us!  We’ll locate the problem quickly and accurately and you’ll be enjoying a hot bath (or shower) again in no time.

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