Do colder temperatures have anything to do with a slab leak?


slab leak repair phoenix az plumbersThe answer is….Yes …. and, No.
Yes, we do more slab leak detection and slab leak repair in colder weather.  But no, the colder temperatures don’t actually have anything to do with your slab leak.

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Except that most slab leaks are on the hot side of your water system and you’re more likely to feel that hot water leak under the floor when the floor itself is cold, especially with tile floors.

Not enough hot water might indicate a slab leak.

You’re also more apt to notice that suddenly you don’t have enough hot water for all the showers, laundry, dish washing, etc.  If hot water is escaping through a leak in the pipe under your slab, it’s draining your hot water (so there’s not enough when you want it), as well as making the hot water heater work overtime, and, oh by the way, running up both your water bill and your electric or gas bill!  In fact, that’s one of the more frequent comments we get from customers calling about a slab leak – my utility bills have skyrocketed and I don’t know why!  Not good!

Or you (mysteriously) have instant hot water.
And – now this is an odd phenomenon that a lot of homeowners may not understand, so bear with me – how about the fact that you now have instant hot water?  First, those of you who may be reading this who don’t live in the Phoenix, Arizona area need to understand that those of us who do live in Phoenix NEVER turn the hot water on in the summer.  We don’t have to.  Every cold tap you turn on, inside or out, has nothing but tepid to warm water running through it, and nobody in his (or her) right mind wants water hotter than that when the temperatures are over 100 degrees!  So, for months now we’ve only turned on the cold water faucets throughout the house.

But, now that the weather is cold (okay, cold is relative – but remember we live in the desert, where we’re used to hot, dry weather and 50 degrees really does seem cold to us!) we want a hot shower, or a hot bath, or hot water at the sink.  So we turn the faucet on and, voila! instant hot water.  But, we never had that Insta Hot system installed.  So, what’s up?  Well, if you have a slab leak,  the hot water leaking under your slab means hot water is constantly circulating through your plumbing system.  Once again, wasting water, running up your utilities bills.  On the plus side, you do have instant hot water.  But there are better ways to accomplish that. (If you really want instant hot water, call us and we’ll talk about better options, like a circulating pump or a point-of-use hot water heater.)

And what is that smell?
Maybe you’ve started running your furnace or heater by now.  It’s certainly cold enough at night to want to turn the heat on. (Remember, we’re in Phoenix. Cold is relative. We talked about that.)  That, too, can have an affect on slab leak detection.  Air Conditioning, because it removes moisture from your home, can mask the presence of moisture in your carpet.  (If it’s a minor leak that isn’t producing a large puddle, that is.)  Air Conditioning can also mask the odor of a mild case of mold or mildew in that carpet.  Turning the heat on can suddenly turn up the unpleasant odors trapped in carpeting that’s been harboring a slab leak for weeks, or months.

Of course, there are other symptoms of a slab leak.  Like cracks in your floor or walls, or water puddling on the floor.  But these are pretty hard to miss and have nothing to do with the temperature.  

If the colder weather has made you aware of any slab leak symptoms the heat may have been masking, give us a call. 

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