sewer line replacement at Phoenix homeReplacing the sewer line….

…….under this Phoenix home presented an interesting challenge to these plumbers.

The home was built on a post tension slab.   When the main sewer line developed a break,

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the slab couldn’t be jackhammered to repair the leaking sewer pipe, because of the risk of cutting one of the cables in the post tension slab.  (Visit our Slab Leak page for more information about repairing pipe leaks under post tension slabs).  The plumbers had no choice but to dig under the home to repair the broken sewer pipe.

They were able to use sewer camera equipment to find the location of the broken pipe.  Then came the hard part…tunneling several feet beneath the house to find and repair the break.

boulder blocking sewer pipe repair at phoenix homeAs if this wasn’t challenging enough, they found a huge boulder buried under the house, directly in the line of the sewer pipe!  It took a lot of manpower to move that boulder out of the way.

And, when the line had been exposed, and the broken sewer pipe repaired, there was still more fun to come.

The plumbers replaced the dirt surrounding the sewer pipe itself, but the length of the tunnel meant there was just no way to get acceptable compaction of the soil.


repair of sewer line at phoenix home requires concrete slurryInstead, concrete slurry had to be pumped into the tunnel to give a stable base to the foundation where the sewer line had been excavated.

With more homes being constructed with post tension slabs, Phoenix plumbers need the experience and the expertise necessary to replace both broken water pipes (slab leaks) and broken sewer pipes located under these slabs.

Stevens Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning is up to the challenge!

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