roots in toilet in Phoenix home being removed by plumberBoo-o-o!  How scary are the roots in this toilet drain?! 

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Halloween may have come early this year at this Phoenix home.  Check out the scary root mass our plumber found in this toilet drain.

Ok, you’re right – I added the mask.  But you have to admit that root is one ugly surprise to find in your bathroom, Halloween or not!

Frequent stoppages in this toilet drain were a problem.

After multiple toilet stoppages, a very frustrated homeowner decided he needed to fix the stoppage problem.  He bought a new toilet, intending to install it himself.  After all, how difficult could that be?  Pull one toilet, install one toilet. 

Roots in the toilet drain were the real problem.

But that was before he saw the tangle of roots that had grown up alongside the toilet flange, and into the drain.  Roots in toilet drain were causing all the stoppages.  And, obviously this mass of roots had been growing for quite some time.

Phoenix plumber cleared roots from toilet drainThis homeowner decided he needed professional help!
He called us for help (smart man).  When our plumber got to the job, he had to clear the roots in the drain before he could set the
new toilet.  After pulling the large root mass out (above), he tackled the smaller roots that had invaded the perimeter of the drain and toilet flange (right).

When all was cleared, he put a layer of salt around the pipe before installing the new toilet.  Salt will deter further root growth and, hopefully, prevent another episode of Attack of the Root Man.

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