Roots in Sewer Line plague Phoenix home

by stevensplumbingac on June 25, 2013

Plumbers remove roots in sewer line Phoenix homeThese pictures are of a sewer line repair job at a home in Phoenix AZ where the plumbers found roots in sewer line were causing leaks and stoppages.

Tree roots in sewer line problems are pretty common in homes in the Phoenix valley and we end up doing a lot of sewer line replacement jobs.

We recommend homeowners avoid planting trees and aggressive bushes near a septic or sewer line.  Aggressive roots not only from trees, but also from large bushes like Oleanders, often invade sewer pipes, causing cracks, leaks and deterioration which results in sewer problems including recurring sewer stoppages, and sewage spilling out at cracks/breaks in the pipe.  Eventually, the sewer pipe will have to be replaced.

The plumbers were able to locate and repair the damaged sewer pipe at this Phoenix home without too much trouble.

sewer line installationThis sewer line installation was not as complicated as some, as the sewer line was located in a fairly accessible location.  Adequate access is always an issue when we’re doing a sewer line repair, or replacement.

While minor sewer line repairs may be accessible by hand digging to expose the pipe, depending on the scope of the work – how deep the sewer line is, how much of the sewer pipe is deteriorated and has to be repaired or replaced – the plumbers may find they need to bring in a trencher to dig up the line, or in some cases they may need a mini backhoe.  If that’s the case, accessibility becomes extremely important!

sewer line repair in Phoenix AZRon took the “before” pictures, and also took this “after” picture.  The plumbers did a great job not only repairing the sewer pipe where the roots had invaded the pipe and caused the sewer line problems, but they also did an excellent job with the clean up, including detailing the landscaping where the yard had to be dug up.   You wouldn’t know this yard had been dug up only a short time before!

What homeowner wouldn’t be happy with how this job turned out?  Good job, guys!

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