Repipe – Repipe Specialists Phoenix AZ since 1982.

Re Plumbing & Repipe Services in Phoenix & Valleywide for over 30 Years.
Over 6000 Repipes completed.  1000’s of Happy Repiping Customers can’t be wrong!

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Here’s why we’re the Repipe Specialists to call:

.  Our 100% Quality Guarantee
.  We’ve done over 6000 Repipes.
.  We have 1000s of happy Repiping customers.
.  Licensed, Insured Repipe Plumbers
.  Excellent License Record with the AZ ROC
.  Better Business Bureau A+ Rating

Copper Repipe

PEX Repiping 

1 day Repiping

Polybutylene Repipes

We’ve been specializing in residential repiping for over 32 years. In years past, the focus of our repiping was replacing old galvanized piping with copper pipe.  Today, while we still offer copper repipes, more and more repipes involve replacing polybutylene pipe with Pex .  Pex and copper are both an excellent choice for your home.  With our extensive experience in Repiping, we can repipe any home and guarantee a good job.

Our experienced Repipers have honed their skills and their technique over many years of repiping Phoenix area homes.  They are fast, efficient and good at what they do.  That’s why every Repipe we do has a 100% Quality Guarantee!

repipe plumbers and repipe truck .   Repiping Phoenix homes since 1982.  With over 32 years of repipe experience, we truly are “Repipe Specialists”.

  No matter what size or style home you have – flat roof, condo, town house, luxury home – we can handle your repipe

.   Our plumbing repipe crew is experienced and highly skilled.  They are all experts in copper repipes, in polybutylene repipes, in repipes of all types on homes of all sizes and styles.

Give us a call!  We’ll make you a satisfied customer, too!
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Re plumbing your home is a major job.

Many of our Phoenix repipe customers have concerns about having their home repiped.  But, replacing plumbing in your home doesn’t have to be stressful!   

We’ve got over 30 years experience in repiping.  We’ll make replumbing your home as stress-free as possible.

Pipe replacement with less mess, less inconvenience: 


repipe phoenix home holes cut neatlyOur repipers use drop runners 

throughout your home, and drop cloths in their work areas, to minimize the amount of dirt and dust tracked through your home. And when the re plumbing job is complete they vacuum up as much as possible.

Holes we cut to repipe are neat.

While cutting a few holes in the walls, and possibly in the ceilings, is unavoidable, the holes are cut neatly.  And the type of blade we use produces very little drywall dust.

Because our repipe plumbers use soft pipes

repipe phoenix home no mess

in the walls, the holes we have to make are relatively small.

This minimizes the dust/mess made in completing your job, and making the follow-up drywall repair, after completion of your re plumbing job, easier and neater.

Want an expert, professional repipe

with less mess, a better finish, and a very affordable price?  Call us!


Stevens Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning
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The Faster, Better Repipe!

Do you know the symptoms of a pipe leak? (click pipe leak to find out)

Repiping your home in just one day!
And, when we replace plumbing, we try to keep the inconvenience of installing new whole house plumbing to a minimum. Our  plumbing crew is very experienced and we really can complete most repiping jobs in just one day (click one-day repipes for more information).

You’ll get THE GREEN TAG!
The inspection of your job is done within a day or two.  As soon as you have your GREEN TAG (see below for more info) the drywall is repaired and your home can be put back in order. It’s that simple!

Why Choose Stevens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning? 

Ecopper repiping in Phoenixvery Repipe we do carries our Workmanship Guarantee:

    • We’ve been repiping Phoenix homes for over 30 years!
    • We’re Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.
    • And, a Better Business Bureau (BBB) member – A+ rating!

Every Repipe we do has our 100% Quality Guarantee:

    • ALL jobs are Permitted: Get the GREEN TAG! 
      green tag for more information)
    • Every job done by Stevens Plumbing meets or exceeds all applicable codes and standards.

repiping in pexEvery Repipe we do is Affordable

    • All Plumbing Pipe Replacement is affordable!
    • Our Competitive Pricing may surprise you!
    • For a limited time, we are offering $150 – $250 Off!

We’re Repipe Specialists:  

    • We’ve done 1000’s of repipes, and have 1000’s of satisfied customers throughout the Phoenix metro valley.
    • Ask us about references!

We were the Pioneers of the ONE DAY REPIPE“.

  • We’ve been doing One-Day Repipes since 1982 – before the other guys were even in business!

Stevens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning.
602-273-7473 (602-2REPIPE)

Questions? Want to schedule an estimate? Call now!  An experienced plumber is always available during business hours to answer questions or schedule your repiping estimate.


Repipe specialist given 5 starsStevens did a good job with our pipe repair. Although we had a slab leak, we opted to have the house repiped rather than just do the slab leak repair. The plumber explained everything, and this seemed like the best choice. The job went well; we were happy with the crew. They seemed very experienced and worked well together. The entire job was done much more quickly than we thought. We’re relieved to know we don’t have to worry about more leaks.Stewart June 2012

Be sure you…. Get the GREEN TAG!

Every Re Plumbing Job we do carries the following Guarantees:

Every re plumbing job done by Stevens Plumbing will have the Required Building Permit;

Every Repiping job we do is permitted by the city (or county) in which the job is located and every repiping job will be completed in accordance with the applicable local and national codes – The Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) – and meet the safety and workmanship standards set by the UPC.

Every re plumbing job done by Stevens Plumbing will be inspected by a County or City Inspector;

This is important! Without this inspection and the GREEN TAG, you have no guarantee that the work done at your home was done correctly.  Some repiping companies do their own “in-house inspections”.  Wouldn’t you be more comfortable knowing your job is being inspected by an expert who has been certified as having the skills needed?

Every re plumbing job done by Stevens Plumbing will be in compliance with all applicable codes;

The State of Arizona requires that all residential pipe replacement be permitted, and inspected by a certified city inspector.  “In-house” inspections don’t comply with the law!

Our Guarantee: You’ll get the GREEN TAG!

If you need repiping in Phoenix, or anywhere in the Phoenix metro area, or if you have questions about repiping, give us a call and ask to speak to a Re Plumbing Specialist.

602-273-7473 (602-2REPIPE).      

Not sure if you need whole house re plumbing?

Older Homes with a Galvanized Pipe Leak…..Homes with Polybutelyne pipes or CPVC pipes….. Homes with copper piping that have an underground copper pipe leaking ….. Even newer homes with copper plumbing can have a leak, and may need repiping!

Have you noticed a change in your water pressure? Rusty or discolored water from your taps? Scalding hot water in the shower when a toilet is flushed, or a faucet turned on? Do you have water dripping from the ceiling or wall? Hear water running, or a slight dripping, when the house is quiet? Have you noticed a musty smell?  Any of these symptoms may indicate you need to re plumb your home!  Call us right away and ask about a re plumbing estimate.


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