Repipe…before the flood! 

We’ve been saying it for years, and we’ll say it again: Repipe before the flood!   Don’t delay having plumbing leaks repaired or the situation at your home could get ugly fast, as these photos, courtesy of Service 1 Restoration,  show.

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phoenix repipeWe’ve partnered with Service 1 Restoration for several years. When customers have major water damage from a plumbing water leak in their homes, Service 1 is always quick to respond with their clean up crews. Their crews go to work removing damaged flooring, walls, etc. and taking care of needed restoration, while our experienced repipe plumbers get the home’s piping system back in order.

Most repipes are due to burst water pipes.

Much of the repiping we do in Phoenix homes is a result of a pipe bursting and flooding the home. The home pictured here (at left) had serious drywall damage, as well as flooring that was ruined by water damage. Service 1 had their work cut out for them with these repairs!

Even a minor leak can be a good reason to repipe your home.

But it doesn’t have to be a major, catastrophic leak to cause property loss. Even a minor leak can, over time, cause significant damage – damage to drywall, flooring, furniture, cabinets, and more.  

pipe leak damage in wall of phoenix homeProlonged wetness can cause wood rot, can rust metal surfaces it comes into contact with, will certainly ruin drywall, carpet and wood flooring and may even cause conditions that raise concerns over the health and safety of your home environment – such as the growth of mold and mildew.   Look at the condition of the wall in the picture (right) where mold has been growing.

Whether your plumbing leak problem is caused by a slow leak or a burst pipe, prompt response is critical to minimizing water damage from a plumbing leak.   Slow or sudden, water damage from a plumbing leak is a disaster!

water leak ceiling phoenix homeDoes your home need to be repiped?

If you know your home needs to be repiped, if you’ve already seen signs of a potential plumbing pipe leak, maybe a leak in the wall or a leak in the ceiling, call us right away. Even if there are no visible signs of a pipe leaking, but you’ve noticed some of the symptoms of a plumbing leak such as higher than normal water bills, cracking in walls or ceilings, lack of hot water, a musty smell or unusual moisture, don’t delay.

Give us a call, or call Service One Restoration. We’ll work together to get your home back in order in no time.

 Quick response, affordable prices, quality guarantee – on every job we do.

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