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by stevensplumbingac on June 7, 2013

Re plumbing house in Phoenix AZJust read a press release about re plumbing with copper (repiping).  The article states that one key indicator of the need to re plumb a house is how long it takes for the water to heat up after a toilet is flushed.

Really??!!  Can’t believe a plumbing company would put this out there!  There is, or should be, no connection between flushing your toilet and your supply of hot water.  Unless, of course, your house has been plumbed incorrectly in the first place, and the water supply to the toilet is coming from the hot water side of your plumbing system.  If that’s the case, then, yes, you could definitely say a decrease in your hot water when a toilet is flushed indicates a need to re plumb your home.

But this would have nothing to do with your home needing to be re plumbed because of a leak in the copper piping, defective polybutylene pipes, old galvanized pipe or even an issue with the pex piping system.

Any connection between flushing a toilet and your hot water supply is simply a case of plumbing gone wrong from the start!  I’d have to say this is pretty rare, although I will admit I’ve seen (and corrected) that type of plumbing problem a few times in the 30+ years our company has been doing repiping in Phoenix. 

More common signs that you may need to re plumb your home would be:

.  Have you noticed a drop in water pressure?
.  Are you seeing discolored  (maybe rust colored) water coming from the taps?
.  Does the temperature of the water in the shower increase suddenly (even to scalding temperatures!) if somebody flushes a toilet or turns on a faucet?
.  Can you hear a slight dripping sound, or the sound of water running, when the house is quiet – but no plumbing is being used?

If you have any of these symptoms, give us a call right away and ask for a FREE Estimate to Re Plumb your House.

And, check out our special offer: $150 OFF the cost of Whole House Re Plumbing.

Questions? Give us a call!  A Plumber experienced in re plumbing homes in Phoenix is always available to answer questions during business hours.

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