re plumbing a home in Phoenix AZHome re plumbing is not seasonal.

We hear a lot of concerns from homeowners about needing to  delay re plumbing a house because of the summer heat in Phoenix, so we decided to address the issue.

Yes, we absolutely do home re plumbing in the summer!

We replumb houses all year round. 
Even in July or August, when the humidity, as well as the heat, is up our crew of experts is re plumbing houses in Phoenix and throughout the entire Phoenix AZ metro area.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s a lot more pleasant to re plumb a house in the cooler months.  Those attics are truly hot in the summer!  But, it’s not reasonable to expect anyone to suffer through weeks or months of no water, low water pressure, high water bills, and all the other symptoms of a plumbing leak.

And, after more than 30 years of whole house re plumbing (we’ve been re plumbing specialists since 1982), we’ve learned how to deal not only with the challenges of home replumbing, but also with the challenges presented by the high temperatures. 

We use fanshome re plumbing in Phoenix attic pictures to help cool the attics, and cooling vests help keep core body temperature down. 

And, since our plumbers are all very experienced at re plumbing a house and have worked together long enough to function well as a team, they can move through the re plumbing process quickly and efficiently. 

In fact, most re plumbing jobs are completed in just one day!

Even if you haven’t had a flood in your home (yet) from an obviously leaking pipe, if you’ve noticed your water bill has skyrocketed, or the water pressure to one or more of the plumbing fixtures in your home is low, or if you have any of the other symptoms of a water leak, give us a call.

Don’t put off having your home re plumbed just because it’s hot.  We’re here to help – year round.

And, if you’re worried about the cost of re plumbing, why not call today?

You may find our whole house re plumbing cost is more affordable than you think.

Questions? Give us a call.  An experienced plumber is always available during business hours to answer your questions.

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