Scottsdale plumbing fixtureThe antique brass tub faucet in this Scottsdale home is beautiful, but it’s also something of a plumbing nightmare.

The faucet, designed for a free standing tub, is several years old and has begun to leak.  In fact, the leak has become so bad the homeowner had to shut off the water to the entire house until our Scottsdale plumber could make a temporary repair.

The problem now, however, is that the faucet really needs new stems which are no longer available.  That’s a common problem with these specialty faucets.  Often, after just a few years, the manufacturers stop production of the faucet design and getting repair parts then becomes a challenge.

Scottsdale plumberNot to worry, however, as there are several very attractive models currently being manufactured that can be used to replace the old, leaky faucet.  And many of the newer models like the one in the picture to the right, which come in a variety of finishes, not only have the right look for this Scottsdale home, including the high arcing spout, but also have a hand-held spray.  We’ll find just the right plumbing fixture for this Scottsdale home to solve their leak problem quickly.

If you have an older, obsolete plumbing fixture that’s leaking, or you would just like to update your bathroom, give us a call.  We can help you, too.  We’re experts at all types of residential plumbing.

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