brass trapPlumbing leak under your sink?

Call us for any plumbing repair…even an unusual one like this nasty plumbing leak under the bathroom sink at a Phoenix home.


The Designer vessel sink at this Phoenix home is a beautiful touch to the home’s decor, but the brass European bottle trap installed under the sink had a slight leak that had gone  undetected for quite some time.  Long enough to seriously corrode the brass trap.  When the homeowner discovered the leak, she was completely grossed out!

In this case, the leak was behind the pedestal of the sink, making it impossible to detect until the corrosion had reached massive proportions.  We also find, however, that often the cabinet under a sink gets jam packed over time with cleaning supplies and other under-sink clutter, and that, too, may prevent early detection of leaks.

A plumbing leak under the bathroom sink – or the kitchen sink – can lead to serious damage!

We recommend you clear out that under-sink clutter on a regular basis, and give yourself an opportunity to check to make sure there are no plumbing leaks under the sink, whether the kitchen or the bathroom sink.  If you do discover a leak, call us immediately!  Even a slight leak, if left undetected for a period of time, not only can result in damage like corrosion to the pipes, but can also cause damage/rot to the base and framing of your cabinets or damage to your walls, and could lead to a mold or mildew problem.

Fixing the plumbing leak under this sink was fairly simple.

Fortunately, there was no wall or cabinet damage in this case.  Fixing the plumbing leak under the sink was a simple matter of cutting out the corroded trap, and replacing it. The plumber opted to replace the brass bottle trap with an ABS ptrap.  So many areas in Phoenix have extremely hard water – and this home is located in one of those areas.  Hard water and brass just don’t play well together!  The ABS ptrap should last longer, and function just as well, as the original European brass bottle trap that this sink was installed with.

Whatever your plumbing repair need:

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FIx plumbing leak under the kitchen sink at Phoenix home