We repipe a lot of homes in Phoenix and the Phoenix Az metro area.  In fact, we’ve repiped thousands of homes over the past 30+ years.  Large homes, small homes, homes of all shapes and sizes.

This job, in one of Phoenix’ historic districts, was really challenging, but also interesting.  Historic homes have challenges that new homes just don’t have.  You never know what you’ll find.

One whole house repipe we did included replacing a tub.  Replacing the tub required moving the drain, but when the plumber started to jackhammer through the bathroom floor he discovered that the ground beneath that room had been excavated at some point and there was nothing holding the bathroom up but that 4″ concrete slab!  That put a halt to the repiping job, while the floor was reinforced.

In other situations we have to be extra careful not to destroy older fixtures, like unique kitchen or bathroom tiles, and we try hard not to do excessive damage to the integrity of other historic features, like original stucco or lathe and plaster walls.

No matter what we run into, we’re always able to handle every situation and get the job done right.  And, every job we do is fully guaranteed.  Need your home repiped?  Questions about repiping your home?  Give us a call.  An experienced plumber is always available during business hours to answer your questions.