Phoenix plumbing heating air conditioning one company customer advantage planOne Phoenix Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning company is all you need!

There’s an important, but often overlooked, advantage to using one Phoenix plumbing heating air conditioning company for all your plumbing and hvac repair needs and it’s this: if that company keeps accurate, detailed customer records, a complete plumbing heating and ac repair history for your home (or rental home) is available should you ever need it.

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When would a history of plumbing heating air conditioning repairs be an advantage?

When would you need it?  How about if you need to know when the air conditioner was last serviced.  Or, if that ac service/repair required the addition of refrigerant (needing to add refrigerant on a frequent basis can indicate a serious problem with the AC system so you definitely want to monitor this).

What about a record of water heater repairs – things like replacing an element, or replacing the anode rod or T&P valve, etc.  And, of course, the age of the heater.  Knowing the age of your home’s water heater and what repairs have been done can help you decide whether to have the heater repaired (yet again), or have it replaced, a well informed decision that may help you save money over the long run.

You might have a warranty question about a plumbing heating air conditioning appliance.

Or, what if there’s a question about the warranty on any of your plumbing or hvac appliances (water heater, water softener, reverse osmosis system, furnace/air conditioning system, etc.).  We get calls all the time from customers asking when this, that or the other was installed, and wanting to know if it’s still under warranty.

A record of plumbing heating air conditioning repairs might be needed for insurance.

We got a call just a couple of days ago from a customer who was in the process of changing the insurance policy on her home.  She’d had a slab leak a couple of years ago, though, and the new insurance company wouldn’t issue a policy without proof that the problem had been fixed.  We were able to provide documentation of that proof because we had a record of having replaced the deteriorated piping throughout the home.

Plumbing heating air conditioning repair records can help you sell your home!

We also get calls frequently from customers who are in the process of selling a home.  Accurate and detailed records of plumbing, heating and air conditioning improvements can make or break the sale!  Is the prospective buyer asking when the air conditioner was installed, and how long the warranty is?  Or, maybe the question has to do with plumbing pipes that were replaced throughout your home (a repipe, or partial repipe).  Would a copy of the actual invoice showing when the work was done and detailing the work be helpful?  Often, it is.

Even just having a record of regular maintenance on your home’s important plumbing and hvac appliances (like regular heat/ac system check ups, for instance) can add to a buyer’s opinion that your home is a good value.

At Stevens Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re always looking at ways we can make our service more helpful and more valuable to our customers.  That’s why we recently rolled out our Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning “One Company” Customer Advantage Plan, which includes an extensive list of features, like:

No service call charges (ever!  even on Saturday!);
Preferred customer pricing;

Preferred customer scheduling;
Important reminders to schedule your seasonal maintenance;
AND it includes our recordkeeping advantage that could help make your life easier.

Questions?  Give us a call!  An experienced technician is always available during business hours to answer your questions.

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