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Hot Water Recirculating Pumps

Hot Water Recirculating Pumps installed in Phoenix and valleywide

A recirculating pump can give you instant hot water at any fixture, and it’s easy and economical to install.

Unlike recirculating pumps that require a home to have a dedicated recirculating line (very expensive if not done at the time the home was plumbed!), or a point of use water heater that provides hot water only at one fixture, the recirculating pumps we install are efficient, inexpensive, and quickly and easily installed right at the hot water heater.

A zone valve (comfort valve) is installed at any faucet where instant hot water is needed, allowing you to access hot water quickly at multiple locations with just one recirculating pump.

Your recirculating pump can save you thousands of gallons of water each year. You’ll save water, save time, and it costs only pennies a day to operate. And the pump is low maintenance. Set the timer for when your family needs hot water in a hurry, and then forget it.

Conventional Hot Water Circulation System with Dedicated Hot Water Recirculating Loop

Of course, if you have a conventional hot water circulating system, with a dedicated circulating line, we sell and install those as well. We’ve been doing all types of residential plumbing, including all types of hot water recirculating systems, for over 30 years!

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