Sewer Line Repair & Sewer Line Replacement

Tree Roots in your Sewer Line?  Broken Sewer Pipe?   Clogged Sewer Line?

Don’t dig up your entire yard!Sewer Line being located by sewer line repair plumber in Phoenix AZ

  • Fast, Accurate Sewer Line Locating.
  • Sewer Line Repair or Replacement for less.
  • Less Damage to your Yard!

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Our Video Camera Inspection….     Shows exactly what and where the problem is.

Our Accurate Location of the problem….   Means less damage to your home & yard.

It Also Means No Surprises….    We’ll quote you a PRICE BEFORE any work is done.

And, You’ll Save Money….    $100 DISCOUNT Off on Sewer Line Repair saves you money!

Phoenix sewer line repair and sewer pipe replacement

Our experienced plumbers can quickly and accurately locate breaks and stoppages in your sewer pipe and clear the line.

The sewer line at this home had been so severely compromised by invasive roots that the pipe had nearly disintegrated in places!




Plumbers in Phoenix replace sewer pipe

After locating the breaks in the sewer line…

…0ur crew replaced the sewer pipe and also installed new clean-outs so these Phoenix homeowners will not have to worry about sewer line stoppages for a very long time!





Think it’s a mainline stoppage?  If it is, you’ll notice some or all of these symptoms:

Water is leaking out at the base of the toilet
The toilet itself is stopped up
Water is backing up into a tub/shower when the toilet is flushed
Water may also back up into a tub/shower when the washing machine drains
Your tub/shower drain is stopped up as well as the toilet
When you run water in the tub/shower, the toilet gurgles

If you have a mainline sewer stoppage, call us immediately!  And avoid using your plumbing fixtures until the stoppage has been cleared.  Mainline stoppages affect multiple fixtures in your home, making your plumbing system unusable without the risk of contaminated sewage/water backing up into your home – an unpleasant and unhealthy situation.

Questions about a sewer line locating?  Give us a call!  An experienced plumber is always available during business hours to answer your questions.

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…can be a serious problem for your sewer line. Don’t plant trees or aggressive bushes (such as oleander) anywhere near your sewer or sewer lines. If possible, remove any existing trees or bushes that are encroaching on your sewer, sewer line or clean-outs. If roots from existing trees/bushes are creating a problem, and removing them is not an option, you may have to hire a professional to use an electric auger to remove the roots from your pipes.

Keep in mind, this may need to be done as often as every year in order to keep your mainline unobstructed from growing roots. Always call a professional for any sewer line repairs you may need. Keep your sewer line clear and in good working order, and avoid a major system failure.