PEX or Copper Re Plumbing?

Should you replace your pipes with PEX or copper?  

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PEX re plumbing is very affordable. 
Because PEX is easier and faster to install and requires fewer fittings, PEX repiping is often more affordable than copper repiping, especially as copper has become quite expensive.

PEX piping is also very durable.  PEX will not deteriorate (corrode) in high PH water conditions and also has a very long expected useful life – as much as 75 years.

Today, PEX is the most often used piping to replumb a home that has had a copper pipe leak. Many homeowners are unfamiliar with PEX in-house plumbing, and unaware of the benefits of using it to replace their copper pipe plumbing. As PEX Plumbers, as well as experts in Copper Pipe Replumbing, we can help you understand why repiping in PEX may be the best solution for your plumbing pipe problem.

COPPER RE PLUMBING for your home is also a good option.

COPPER piping, (copper pipe plumbing) has been around for years and has largely replaced galvanized piping, once used extensively in residential plumbing but rarely used today. Copper is a durable metal, resistant to ultraviolet rays, and well suited to exterior as well as interior applications.

COPPER piping is resistant to bacterial growth. And soft copper is easy to install. However, copper piping can corrode over time depending on the local water conditions. Here in the Phoenix valley, many areas have high PH, highly acidic water which tends to lead to corrosion and can cause copper pipe leaks. In Phoenix, Scottsdale and the entire Phoenix metro area, PEX is now the preferred choice of piping.  But, some people still prefer the advantages of copper re plumbing over PEX.

repipe specialist phoenix azSO WHICH SHOULD YOU USE: COPPER OR PEX?
The plumbers at Stevens Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning are repipe specialists, experienced in pipe replacement using both PEX and COPPER, and they’re well qualified to help you make the decision about which choice is best for you.

If a pipe leaking in your home has you facing re plumbing your home, consider the advantages of PEX repiping versus copper repiping, and discuss your personal situation with your Repipe Specialist. Our expertly trained PEX Plumbers can re plumb your home quickly and cost-effectively, with a minimum of disruption and damage to your home.

Questions?  Give us a call!  A Repipe Specialist is always available during business hours to answer your questions about repiping your home.

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