1 Day Repiping

Can my house be repiped in just one day?  Yes! Give us a call!

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Yes, absolutely, your home CAN be re piped in one day! If you use a re plumbing specialist.  We’ve been repiping homes in just one day since 1982 – before the other guys were even in business!  We were the Pioneers of the One-Day Repipe.

Why One-Day Re Plumbing?

repipe house phoenix in pex or copper in one day1 Day Repiping saves you time!

The more quickly we can get your Re Plumbing job done (without sacrificing quality of course), the more quickly you can get your home – and your life – back to normal.

1 Day Repiping saves money! One-Day Re Plumbing is efficient and cost-effective.

$150 Off any Complete PEX Repipe
$250 Off any Complete Copper Repipe

Over the past thirty years, we’ve perfected the process of the Re Plumbing a house in just one- day. We call it the one-day repipe. We send a crew of experienced plumbers (usually 4 to 6, depending on the size of your home) to do your repiping job. Each one of them has experience in re plumbing (repiping), as well as experience in general plumbing, and they have all worked together on re plumbing jobs (repipes) many times. They are experts at what they do and work quickly and efficiently as a team.

When we repipe your home, we don’t remove huge sections of drywall from your walls/ceiling! We use rolled copper pipe or PEX which can be fed down the walls of your home from the attic (and/or relatively small holes we make in the walls and ceiling) which is faster, cleaner and less expensive when it comes to the plumbing installation, and also the drywall repair, than floor to ceiling drywall cuts.

For more information about the process of repiping your home in PEX or Copper visit our Repiping Page.

Re Plumbing Phoenix since 1982.

One-Day Repipes for over 30 years!  We’re your Phoenix re plumbing – repiping experts.

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Stevens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning
$150 – $250 off repipes.
Call today!

“You ROCK! We love the service because you guys know what your doing and your honest with your prices. We have used your company about 6 times over the years from a repiping job to AC service. YOU ROCK!” DZ – May 11, 2010

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