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Pressure Regulating Valve

Pressure Regulating Valve (PRV) / Pressure Reducing Valve installation

Is the water pressure in your home too high?

If it is, you might be noticing things like noisy pipes (especially at night*), which is not only annoying but those pipes may also be in danger of springing leaks because of high and constantly changing* water pressure.

High water pressure night also be responsible for the banging sounds you hear as the solenoid valves in your dishwasher, washing machine or ice-maker work overtime to shut off against excessive pressure, wearing out your appliances prematurely. And the fill valve in your toilet may also be wearing prematurely as the high water pressure constantly pushes against it.

High water pressure wastes water, because the flow through fixtures exceeds what is recommended and required for showering, washing, etc. And, it wastes the energy needed to heat that excess water.

And, do you know the potentially serious problems high water pressure can cause where your water heater is concerned? Water expands as it heats, and the pressure of the water increases (thermal expansion). If the water pressure is excessively high to begin with, this can become a serious problem.

A supply line or an angle stop can give way (blow out) under the push of continual high water pressure, flooding parts of your home. No fun (!) at the least, and in a more serious vein, we’ve known of cases where an insurance adjuster has checked the water pressure to the home before making a decision not to cover the water damage because the water pressure to the home exceeded that which is allowed by code.

Phoenix plumbing codes require that the water pressure to any residence not exceed 80 psi. Many areas of Phoenix and the Phoenix valley have water pressure higher than this. In fact, in some cases the pressure is as high as 120 psi!

But, even with water pressures that high, a pressure regulating valve (PRV) can be quickly and easily installed to reduce the water pressure throughout your home to the recommended psi.

Conserve Water. Conserve Energy. Conserve your fixtures and appliances, while making your home safer.

We recommend, sell and install Honeywell Pressure Regulating Valves. This compact device fits in small spaces, making it suitable for most installations, and maintains a constant water pressure throughout your home, over a wide range of water supply pressures.

Call us to have the water pressure to your home checked to make sure it’s not too high.Questions? An experienced plumber is always available during business hours to answer your questions. Give us a call!

* One north Phoenix homeowner called complaining that his toilet was flushing itself, but only at night. He’d had a plumber out a couple of times, but each time the plumber arrived the problem seemed to have fixed itself, only to re-occur the next night. It turned out the pressure of the water being supplied to his home was at an acceptable level during the day, but quite high at night.

The pressure from a municipal (or private) water supply can vary greatly at different times of the day or night, depending on how much demand is being put on the supply system. More homes drawing water reduces the pressure in the lines, but when fewer homes are using water (usually at night) the water pressure increases. In this case, the increased water pressure at night was causing the toilet to flush itself.

Installation of a pressure regulating valve took care of the problem. No more ghostly flushes!

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