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(1)We recommend, sell and install Insinkerator brand disposals.
We repair most garbage disposal brands.

For all Disposal Repairs – unjam, unclog, reset, replace a flange or a stopper – give us a call.

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 Stevens Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning

Since 1982, Stevens Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning has been repairing and installing all makes and models of garbage disposals in Phoenix, Scottsdale and the entire Phoenix metro area.

Over 30 years in business, building a reputation for excellence.

We’re licensed plumbers and our company is bonded and insured.  We’re also members of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) – with an A+ rating! – and we offer a 100% Quality Guarantee.  So you can be sure, no matter what your disposal problem, we’ll fix it right.

Questions about your garbage disposal problem? Give us a call.  An experienced plumber is always available during business hours to answer your questions.  And we’ll schedule your repair whenever you’re ready.  We know your time is important so we’ll set an appointment (in 2 hour increments) – and keep it!

Stevens Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning
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Want to troubleshoot your disposal before calling a plumber? (see below)

And, if your disposal can’t be fixed, we replace all under sink makes and models of garbage/food waste disposer units.

Troubleshoot your disposal (Garburator):

Is your garbage disposer jammed? Or is the disposal clogged? Before determining you need a new disposal, there are a few things you can try:

If your garbage disposer is not working at all, you probably have an electrical problem. Assuming the unit is plugged in (?) you can try pushing the reset button and/or check to see if a circuit breaker has been tripped. If it’s not a case of needing to reset the disposal, and the breaker has not tripped, the switch may need to be replaced. If you are unable or unwilling to replace the switch yourself, give us a call.

Your disposal may not be working but you hear a humming noise. That means either the flywheel or the impeller is stuck. The reset button or breaker will turn the unit off very quickly when this happens. If you’re handy, you can use an offset wrench in the flywheel turning hole at the bottom of the disposal to free the impeller or the flywheel. Be sure the unit is turned off before attempting this!! And check the instructions in your garbage disposal manual to be sure you are taking appropriate safety measures. If you’re not handy or just not comfortable attempting a repair of this type, call us!

Is your garbage disposal leaking? A garbage disposal leak can develop in a number of places. Sometimes the way to fix garbage disposal leaks is pretty simple, like tightening the clamp to the dishwasher hose or checking to be sure the bolts to the drainpipe are tight. Other repairs, such as a leak at the sink flange, may be more complicated. You may be able to fix garbage disposal problems by tightening the mounting bolts. If not, the repair may involve removing the unit, replacing the plumber’s putty and reinstalling the disposal. Not sure what to do? Give us a call.

Is your disposal clogged? If your disposal is draining slowly, your drainpipe is probably clogged. Never put chemical drain cleaners down your garbage disposal! Chemical cleaners can cause serious damage to your unit, and are unlikely to clear the drain in any event. A clogged drainpipe may also require removal of the disposal to clear the drain.

Give us a call if you’re not handy and you’re not comfortable tackling these repairs or attempting to replace garbage disposal on your own, or for any other plumbing repair projects.  One of our experienced plumbers can fix your problem quickly.

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Things like coffee grinds, potato peels, and eggshells can clog your disposal. Put these in the trash! (Unless you have a new Evolution Compact Disposal with a higher horsepower, more powerful dual action motor capable of grinding even potato peelings and celery!)  And, make sure food scraps you’re putting down the disposal are small enough to begin with.  Pieces that are overly large will not grind up properly and may cause your disposal to jam, or may cause a sink stoppage.

Odor coming from your disposal? Did you know running a few ice cubes through your disposal will help keep it clean and may get rid of that odor? Running a lemon or lemon peel through the disposal will also help keep it smelling fresh.

There are also enzyme based products on the market that can be used to help keep your garbage disposal fresh. Call our office for more information. Or, you can put a combination of baking soda and vinegar in the disposal and let it sit for a short time to help eliminate any odors which may have accumulated in the unit. When the foaming stops, run plenty of hot water down the disposal to flush it.

INSINKERATOR PRO750: Quiet, dual-grind efficient food disposal with a 6 year warrantee. 

The new InSinkErator Pro Series, which includes the InSinkErator Pro 750, features patented SoundSeal®and  MultiGrind® technology, offering greater grind ability with less noise, and is exclusive to professional plumbing contractors.

      • The new SoundSeal®   technology means truly quiet operation.
      • This new technology includes the patented Quiet Collar® sink baffle which creates a shallow dam of water during operation of the disposal, reducing the amount of noise that escapes via the sink opening.
      • The Anti-Vibration Mount® isolates the disposer in a cushion of rubber and reduces noise transfer to the sink.
      • The Anti-Vibration Tailpipe Mount® cusions the tailpipe in rubber and reduces downstream noise in the plumbing.
      • And the SoundLimiter® layer of insulation, which surrounds the unit itself, muffles noise emitted by the disposer.
      • The InSinkErator Pro MultiGrind® includes a GrindShear Ring® which grinds in two stages.
      • The surface of the ring grinds food scraps into small particles, which are then forced through a series of windows which shear the particles into even finer waste.
      • Even waste you thought you could never put down a diposer, like cornhusks, celery and other stringy foods, will be successfully ground and disposed of with this innovative technology.

The InSinkErator Pro Series also gives you an exclusive QuickLock® mount to insure fast, one-twist, secure installation.  The Grind components are stainless steel with corrosion protection and durability.

And, it comes standard with a Six (6) year in-house warrantee.

This heavy duty 3/4 hp Dura Drive induction motor provides maximum grinding power, durability, a truly quiet operation, and a six (6) year in-home warrantee, all at a very affordable price.

And, for a limited time, we are offering $50 Off* the installed price
of this newest evolution in garbage disposal.

BADGER 5: With it’s galvanized steel construction, 1/2 hp motor and 2 year warrantee, this garbage disposer is a customer favorite! The Badger 5 features include:

      • Quiet Dura-Drivetm induction motor.
      • A heavy duty (1/2 hp) motor . Continuous feed operation.
      • Durable steel construction.
      • Large (25 oz) capacity grind chamber.
      • Manual reset overload.
      • Compact 12 5/8″ size takes less space under your sink.
      • A full 2 year parts warrantee.

BADGER 1: Sturdy galvanized steel construction, a 1/3 hp motor and a full year warrantee make this economical disposal a real value. It’s features include:

      • Dura-Drivetm induction motor
      • A 1/3 hp motor for reliable food waste disposal.
      • Sturdy steel construction.
      • Full one year parts warrantee

Give us a call if you would like more information about these garbage disposals, or any of the brands and models we sell and service.

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