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Broken / Burst Pipe Repair in Phoenix

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Burst pipes can be a nasty problem.  They can happen with no warning, for a number of reasons.  The water pipes in your home are under constant pressure, and this pressure can cause a rupture in the wall of the pipe (a “burst pipe”) any time there’s a condition that results in a weakening of the pipe wall.  If one of your pipes does burst, you need a professional to take care of the situation.  Don’t try to make that repair yourself!  Give us a call.  We can repair that pipe right the first time.

Burst or Broken Pipe Repair in PhoenixPolybutylene (PB) pipes can burst at any time.  PB pipe is thin-walled and is an inferior type of plumbing pipe that’s no longer manufactured, but it had been used widely in new home construction in the Phoenix metro area until 1995, when production was ended, and many homes still have polybutylene pipes.  PB pipe reacts to chlorine in the water, as well as to heat build-up in the attic, and the pipe wall can weaken over time and burst with no warning.  In fact, polybutylene pipes almost never give any warning.  They don’t spring minor pinhole leaks; they just give out at a weak point and burst, flooding your home.

Copper pipes installed above ground (as in an attic) can burst when temperatures drop to near or below freezing.  They will often burst at a weak point, whether a fitting, a solder joint or a weakness in the pipe itself. If you have copper piping in your attic, make sure the temperature in your home is kept at least 65 degrees during a freeze.  If the copper pipes are on a flat roof, they MUST be insulated.

Old, rusted galvanized piping can burst anywhere, any time, due to aging and deterioration of the pipe wall. When a pipe bursts, the water damage can be extensive.  From damage to furniture and carpets to clothing and heirlooms to drywall damage and ceilings that have caved in, your home can suffer catastrophic losses.

If your home has polybutylene or galvanized piping, call us!  We can do an assessment of the condition of your pipes and hopefully prevent a burst pipe from flooding your home.

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