Scottsdale plumbers officeWe’ve moved!  Well, not completely (our main office is still the same).  But our Scottsdale Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning office has moved to a more central location in the Scottsdale, AZ 85260 zip code – 7418 E. Helm Drive – which will allow us to service our Scottsdale customers even more efficiently.

Did you know we started our business in Scottsdale, over 30 years ago?  It’s true!  Way back in 1982, Stevens Plumbing (we were just Stevens Plumbing then – we hadn’t yet added air conditioning and heating services) hung out it’s shingle as  Scottsdale plumbers from a small upstairs office in south central Scottsdale, with two trucks and two employees.  We also lived in Scottsdale, so it was natural that we would begin our business by offering our services to our friends and neighbors.

Over three decades, we’ve seen a lot of changes.  The city of Scottsdale has changed, of course – it has grown tremendously (we remember when and where the paving ended on Scottsdale Road!)  And, our business grew and changed as well.  We added air conditioning and heating repair and installation, of course, and expanded our service areas to include the entire metro area.  Eventually, we moved our main office out of Scottsdale to a location more central to the valley.  But, we’ve always maintained a presence in Scottsdale and continued to provide plumbing heating & air conditioning repair service to our long-time Scottsdale customers, as well as to customers who’ve joined us through the years.

Our recent move puts us very near what is now the Scottsdale city center, and from there it’s an easy travel to service all of Scottsdale.  Funny, though, we also remember when Helm Drive (in the Scottsdale Airpark) would have been considered to be pretty much the northern tip of the city.   But the city has really grown to the north and to the northeast, and many of our customers live in these areas.  So, it seems right to follow along with the pathway of growth.

We love Scottsdale, Arizona!  It’s history is fascinating.   From little more than a schoolhouse and general store/post office serving a farming community of less than two thousand residents, it has grown to be a large, vibrant city with a wonderful climate, natural beauty and a diversity of lifestyles – from western cowboy to cosmopolitan chic – and it’s a popular vacation destination for travelers from around the globe.

Stevens Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to be a member of the Scottsdale community, and to be able to say our plumbers and heating – ac repair technicians have been providing quality plumbing, heating and ac services to Scottsdale, Arizona residents since 1982.

Stevens Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning in Scottsdale, AZ