Phoenix Leak Detection “Season”?

Phoenix Leak Detection “Season”? This Phoenix, Arizona Plumber Says “Yes”!


Phoenix Leak Detection Plumber talks about how colder temperatures lead to providing increased leak detection services.

Phoenix leak detection plumberPhoenix Plumber – Jack Stevens

PRLog (Press Release)Oct. 28, 2013PHOENIXPhoenix based plumbers Stevens Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning (web: announce that this Leak Detection “Season” they are offering a special low price of only $69 for their leak detection services.

According to Jack Stevens, President and CEO, this special price of $69 on leak detection is being offered now because this is the time of year when many homeowners in the Phoenix area discover they may have an underslab leak.  Stevens believes this special price will allow more homeowners to respond quickly to these concerns, and, he says, locating and repairing underslab water leaks quickly is important in helping prevent major structural damage to a home.

Asked why he thinks there is a season to leak detection ( ), Stevens says that as the weather changes, cooler temperatures mean some symptoms pointing to a possible slab leak are more noticeable.  Symptoms like “hot spots” on tile or wood floors.  As the weather cools, tile floors cool as well.  Heat from hot water leaking under the concrete slab transfers to the tile floor, producing what is termed a “hot spot”.  Homeowners may feel the heat as they walk across the floor barefoot, or in stocking feet.  Or, sometimes they notice a pet suddenly has a favorite spot to lay (he says pets love to nap on a warm spot on the floor!).  Stevens says this is one of the most common reasons cited by customers calling his plumbing company for leak detection services.

Another fairly common call, according to Stevens, is from homeowners panicking over utility bills that have suddenly increased for no apparent reason.  A pipe leaking under the slab can waste a lot of water, sending water bills skyrocketing.  Gas or electric bills can also jump as the water heater works overtime to replenish a continually draining supply of hot water lost via that underslab leak.

Stevens points out there are many other signs a homeowner may need leak detection, and invites anyone who has questions or wants more information about a possible water leak to visit their website, or call the company anytime during business hours.  He says an experienced plumber is always available during these hours to answer questions about leak detection, at no cost and no obligation.  And he encourages any homeowner who believes they have a slab leak to take advantage of the company’s limited time special offer of leak detection for only $69.

Stevens Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning is a locally owned and family operated plumbing and hvac company that has been providing quality residential repair services, including leak detector services, in the Phoenix, AZ metro area since 1982.  They are proud to say their customers are also their friends and neighbors.

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