plumbing repair neatly cleaned upNeatness counts in Plumbing Repair.

Is it too much of a reach to state that neatness counts when it comes to plumbing repair?  Not according to Timothy Wilson, author of the book Redirect: The Surprising New Science of Psychological Change, which addresses the theory of James Wilson and George Kelling about the importance of the condition of our environment.

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According to Wilson and Kelling, people are “sensitive to information they get from the environment to the point that it influences decisions they make about what is moral and what is acceptable behavior.”   (Read more at (1)

So what does that have to do with your plumbing repair?

A lot!  First, it’s at best an inconvenience to need plumbing repair, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare!  You have a right to expect the plumber to make the repair with as much respect for your home and your possessions as possible, and that includes not leaving you with a big mess to clean up once the repair is complete.

Second, as the study referred to above shows, disorder has a psychological impact on humans, including influencing their behavior and decisions.  So ask yourself, could that mean the plumber who is disorganized and messy on your job is also making unwise decisions about how best to make your plumbing repair?  Is he (she) giving the repair full attention and doing the best job possible?  Or does a lack of orderliness extend to a lack of carefulness in the performance of the plumbing repair itself?

We won’t leave you asking yourself questions like that!  Every plumbing repair we do is not only done quickly, correctly and professionally, it will also be done neatly.  You’ll never have to wonder about the quality of the workmanship.

And you’ll never be left with a mess to clean up.  For instance, in the picture above, our plumbers have taken care to make sure there’s no mess from the plumbing repair done at this house … from their use of carpet sections (or drop cloths) laid on the floor to capture dirt, to sweeping up after themselves, not only was the plumbing repair itself neat and well done, they made sure they cleaned thoroughly before the job was over.  They’ll do the same neat, professional work at your home.

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