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High water bill?  Hearing the sound of running water when no plumbing is being used?  Mysterious wet spots, or “hot spots*” on your floor?

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Stevens Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning gets calls nearly every day from homeowners who think they might have a water leak.

And, while we’re happy to come out to your home – in fact, our Leak Detection department is currently offering a special price on leak detection services: only $69! – often homeowners prefer to do a simple test themselves to see if, in fact, the problem is a leak in a water pipe.

Check your water meter.  Try these simple steps to see if you have a water leak:

1. Turn off all water inside and outside your home. Remember to shut off your evaporative cooler, any irrigation or sprinkler systems, pool filler, or reverse osmosis unit. And don’t use your icemaker for a while before the test.

2. Locate your water meter, and watch it for a minute or more. While the numbers/dial on the meter may not register the low volume of water use common to most leaks (the odometer – the numbers – on your water meter records water use in 100 cubic foot, or 7.48 gallon increments), your meter also has a small “leak detector” indicator, which will spin to indicate water use, even a small amount of water use.

Phoenix leak detection and leak repairIf the leak detector indicator is moving, you have a leak.

3.  Turn off the water to the entire house.  To determine whether the leak is inside or outside your home, find the main shut-off valve for your home. Turn it off, and check the water meter again. If the leak indicator on the meter continues to move, the leak is outside your house.  If the leak is outside, it is undoubtedly in the main water service.  Give us a call and we can give you your options in this case.

If the leak detector indicator stops moving when you shut off the water to the house, your leak is inside.

4.  Turn off the water supply to the hot water heater.   If the leak is inside, the next step is to turn off the water to the water heater (use the shut off valve which is located above the heater). Now check the meter again.  If the meter has stopped moving, the leak is in your hot water pipes.  If the meter is still moving, your leak is in the cold water pipes.

Checking the water meter to see if you have a water leak is simple enough that most homeowners feel comfortable doing this test, but if you aren’t sure or just don’t want to be bothered,  give us a call.

And, if you do have a leak and need professional leak detection services…..

…..call us right away.  Of course, if after checking your water meter you think you have a leak, you’ll need to have a professional plumber, one who’s experienced in leak detection and water leak repair, find and repair the leak as soon as possible.   We’ve been providing leak detection services and water leak repair in Phoenix and valleywide for over 30 years.  We know leaks!

Questions?  Give us a call.  A plumber experienced in leak detection and water leak repair is always available to answer your questions during business hours.

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