Yes.  Accurate Leak Detection is extremely important.

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Why is Leak Detection the next step? 
Well, last week, we blogged about how the cooler temperatures are uncovering symptoms of underground water leaks in many homes.  So, homeowners who find they are, in fact, experiencing some, or many, of these symptoms, are now asking “What do I do now”?

Our answer is: The importance of accurate leak detection can’t be overstressed.

Because, depending on where your leak is (under a tile floor? under a bathtub or kitchen cabinet?), we can help you determine the best solution to your problem.  But we absolutely have to pinpoint the location of that leak in order to help you make a good decision.

For instance, if the leak detection reveals a leak under a carpeted floor, the least expensive repair option might be to pull up the carpeting, open the floor to expose the leak, and do a simple pipe repair.  Carpeting is pretty easy to re-install, and we’ll make the opening in the floor as small as possible, so there’s not a tremendous mess involved in this.  However, the wisdom of this repair option depends on many factors being considered: have you had other leaks (indicating a problem with general deterioration of the entire piping system)?  how old is your home?  what area of the valley are you in (e.g., how aggressive is the soil and the water in your neighborhood)?  have a lot of your neighbors been plagued with leaks, indicating you might expect future problems with additional leaks?  Depending on the answers to these questions, a simple pipe repair may not be your best solution.

What if our leak detection services find the leak is under a tile floor, rather than carpeting?  Well, you could still jackhammer the floor but the question now is, do you have enough tile to do a repair or will you need to replace a large (room-sized or bigger) floor with expensive new tile?  Most insurance companies limit the amount they will reimburse for under slab pipe repairs.  You’ll want to check with your insurance company to see how much of the cost they will cover, and then decide if this option is economically feasible.  You may also want to think about the construction (destruction?) process needed to remove tile, jackhammer the floor and replace it after the pipe has been repaired, and re-lay the tile flooring.  There is considerably more involved in repairing a leak when it’s located under a tile floor versus carpeting.  There are other, less invasive options you can consider (and we talk about those below).

Likewise, if the leak is detected beneath a tub, cabinet or in another hard-to-get-to location, consider whether the cost and construction are warranted.  Rarely do we recommend to a customer that they have a tub/shower or kitchen/bath cabinets removed in order to access a leaking pipe beneath the floor.

A better solution would be to re route the pipes over head.  In this scenario, our leak detection specialist will also locate where the leaking pipe connects to your water system, allowing the plumbers to disconnect the entire length of underground pipe and run new pipes overhead.  They can do a portion of the plumbing system (a “reroute” or partial repipe), relocating only the line (or lines) that are leaking.

Or, if you’ve had or have multiple leaks and/or you live in an area of the valley where aggressive soil and water conditions are known to cause pipe leaks, you may choose to do a complete repipe.  In this case, new water pipes will be run overhead, completely eliminating the pipes under the slab and, therefore, eliminating any future underground leaks.  Many homeowners choose this option for the peace of mind it gives them.  And, repiping your house is surprisingly affordable!

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