Phoenix plumber water leak locateWhy is your plumber telling you to keep your dryer vent clear? 

So you can avoid a situation like this one, where our Phoenix Plumber was called to a home that had what appeared to be a plumbing leak – water was leaking through the ceiling.

When the plumber checked the plumbing in the attic, however, it turned out there wasn’t a problem with the water pipes.   The problem was a blocked dryer vent, and condensation had built up in the vent to the point where it was leaking into the surrounding area – damaging the insulation – and even leaking through the ceiling into the room below!  And, water had obviously been leaking from the vent for some time, as the wood in the area is water stained and looks moldy.  As we’ve said so many times, even a small leak can lead to big problems if it goes undetected for a long time!

The plumber was able to locate the leak in this case, even though it turned out not to be a plumbing repair, and recommend a solution to the homeowner (have the vent cleared).

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