Phoenix repipe specialistThe homeowner called us out to repipe the house,

which he had just acquired, because he thought the house still had the old, original galvanized pipes, since there were several water leaks that had rotted the drywall in places, plus he could see that the shut-off valves and shower valve connection were galvanized piping.

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When the guys tore out the drywall, however, they discovered the house had already, at some point, been repiped in copper, but the connections and shut-off valves had not been replaced; they were still the original galvanized (and leaking badly!).  Very strange!  When we repipe a house we do the job thoroughly to make sure there won’t be any future leaks.  But, in any event, whoever repiped this house did NOT do a complete job and the homeowner was left needing more pipe replaced as well as drywall repair.

Zach, Tony and Mark ended up doing a partial repipe

(replacing what was left of the galvanized pipe and connections) and they also moved the washer out of the kitchen (this is a very old house – the washer was in the kitchen next to the sink.  Haven’t seen that in a long time!) to a laundry addition.  The pipes to the washer, in it’s new location, are PEX (see our PEX vs Copper page), which is what we typically repipe homes in now.   They also installed a new shower valve and did a few other plumbing repairs while they were at the home.

The homeowner was happy, and shouldn’t have to worry about leaks anymore.  If your home needs repiping, be sure to use a licensed, experienced repiping specialist and make sure the job is done thoroughly!  Also, for a limited time we’re offering $150 off any complete repipe.

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