Insinkerator Pro 750 garbage disposalInSinkErator Pro 750: Quiet, dual-grind efficient food disposal with a 6 year warrantee.

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InSinkErator Pro 750

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Think garbage disposals are a boring subject?  Nothing to blog about?  We think you’ll change your mind after reading all the features the InSinkErator Pro 750 offers!

The new InSinkErator PRO Series® of garbage disposals offers quiet grind ability.

The new InSinkErator Pro Series, which includes the InSinkErator Pro 750, features patented SoundSeal® and MultiGrind® technology, offering greater grind ability with less noise, and is exclusive to professional plumbing contractors.

This garbage disposal is quiet!

The new SoundSeal® technology means truly quiet operation.  This new technology includes the patented Quiet Collar® sink baffle which creates a shallow dam of water during operation of the disposal, reducing the amount of noise that escapes via the sink opening.  The Anti-Vibration Mount® isolates the disposer in a cushion of rubber and reduces noise transfer to the sink.  The Anti-Vibration Tailpipe Mount® cusions the tailpipe in rubber and reduces downstream noise in the plumbing.  And the SoundLimiter® layer of insulation, which surrounds the unit itself, muffles noise emitted by the disposer.

And, the two stage grinding by this garbage disposal limits risk of stoppages.

The InSinkErator Pro MultiGrind® includes a GrindShear Ring® which grinds in two stages.  The surface of the ring grinds food scraps into small particles, which are then forced through a series of windows which shear the particles into even finer waste.  Even waste you thought you could never put down a diposer, like cornhusks, celery and other stringy foods, will be successfully ground and disposed of with this innovative technology.

The InSinkErator Pro Series also gives you an exclusive QuickLock® mount to insure fast, one-twist, secure installation.  The Grind components are stainless steel with corrosion protection and durability.

Six (6) year in-house warrantee.

This heavy duty 3/4 hp Dura Drive induction motor provides maximum grinding power, durability, a truly quiet operation, and a six (6) year in-home warrantee, all at a very affordable price.

And, for a limited time, we are offering $50 Off* the installed price of this newest evolution in garbage disposal.

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