Hot Water Circulating Pumps – Save Time, Save Water, Save Money!


A hot water recirculating pump can give your Phoenix home instant hot water at any faucet, and it’s easy to install.  No more lo-o-o-ng wait for hot water!  Phoenix Plumber Mark Stevens installed this circulating pump recently at a home in Phoenix, AZ.

recirculating pumpThe circulating pump was installed right at the water heater, and a simple comfort valve was installed at the lav faucet where the homeowner wanted instant hot water.  A quick, easy solution to the annoying problem of waiting (and waiting and waiting!) for hot water.

If you have a faucet in a bathroom, in the kitchen, in the laundry room or anywhere in your home and you wait forever(!) for hot water, installation of a hot water circulating pump is a smart move.  Not only will you have hot water FAST!, but you’ll save thousands of gallons of water every year.  A circulating pump is inexpensive, and well worth the investment, given how much you could save on your water bills over time.  And, besides saving water, and adding convenience and quality to your life, a circulating pump adds value to your home.  So many reasons to have a hot water circulating pump installed today!

Questions?  Call us!  602-273-7473  An experienced plumber is always available during business hours to answer your questions about having a hot water circulating pump installed at your home.  And, check our plumbing discount coupons page to see how you can save money on the installation of a circulating pump system at your home.