We Repipe Phoenix!  And have been Repipe Specialists for over 30 years. 

It takes skill and experience to repipe Phoenix homes quickly and correctly – and we have that skill and experience!  A lot has changed in 30+ years, but we’ve not only kept up with those changes, we’ve been leading the Phoenix repiping industry!

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Stevens Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning has been repiping homes in Phoenix, and the entire Phoenix Az metro area, since 1982.  We’ve repiped thousands of homes, and are experts when it comes to the best method to use to repipe your home.    In over thirty years of repiping, we’ve seen lots of changes in the pipe replacement industry.

The early days of Repipes.

Back in the early 1980s, wgalvanized steel plumbinghen we began to repipe Phoenix homes, what we most often saw were older homes that needed repiping because they had galvanized plumbing that had rusted and developed leaks.

Most homes built in the Phoenix area before the 1970s were built with galvanized water piping.  Galvanized pipes are steel pipes that have been coated with zinc to discourage corrosion and rusting of the steel as it comes in contact with the water.  But, although the zinc coating inhibits deterioration of the steel pipe, it can’t prevent it.

Eventually, the zinc coating on the galvanized steel degrades and the exposed steel pipe will corrode and rust from the inside out.  This build up of rust in the pipe results in symptoms ranging from a drop in water pressure, to rusty water, to leaks in pipes – some minor and some major.  The minor leaks could go unnoticed for a long time, before corrosion caused the pipe walls to become so thin that the pipe burst, flooding a section of the house.  Major leaks, of course, cause an instant flood and both situations result in major damage to the home.  The solution was to replace the deteriorated galvanized pipes with new copper pipes – hopefully before major leaking flooded your home!

“Repipe…before the flood!”

In fact, this was such a common occurrence that our slogan in those days was “Repipe…before the flood!”  We repiped hundreds of homes each year during that time.

Repiping older homesrepiping rusty galvanized plumbing with copper pipespipe replacement throughout the entire house – was an undertaking far beyond the ability of most homeowners.  Many plumbers were even unprepared for this major, time-consuming plumbing job.  To repipe Phoenix homes requires specialized skills and experience, and Stevens Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning quickly gained a reputation as experts in the repiping industry.

Most plumbing companies who repiped homes during this time were still following a laborious, time-consuming, expensive – and destructive! – method of stripping huge sections of drywall from the walls and ceilings of the home, removing the old pipes, and installing hard copper in place of the galvanized steel.  They also typically assigned a single plumber and a plumber’s helper to the task of repiping the home.  The problems with this pipe replacement method were multifold: besides the fact that this was a very costly procedure, the destruction to the home was significant, and a typical repipe took several days to complete, meaning you either lived through the destruction or moved out for the duration.

There had to be a better way to repipe Phoenix homes!  

copper repiping used to repipe Phoenix homeAnd, there was.  In 1982, we pioneered what has come to be called the “One-Day Repipe”.  First, we adopted the use of soft copper (copper tubing) in the walls as our standard methodology.  Soft copper can be rolled down the walls from access in the attic, eliminating the need to strip large sections of drywall in the home.  This means the job can be done in less time – and with less mess!.  Then we stepped outside the box again and began using a “repipe crew” – plumbers specially trained to repipe homes as a team.  Other plumbing companies that were still following the “plumber and a helper” policy, and stripping large sections of drywall from the walls of the house to install hard copper, were taking a week on average to repipe a typical home.  Our specially trained crew, feeding copper tubing down the walls, was completing repipes in one day, with a lot less mess.  Our time-saving method also meant we were able to charge less for our repipe jobs than most plumbing companies were charging.  Homeowners were delighted with the new method, and the lower cost, and our crew was very busy repiping thousands of homes with copper throughout the ’80s, the ’90s and right up to about 2005, when things began to change.

Copper pipe replaces galvanized steel.

Changes had been taking place in the construction industry.  Even as we were busy replacing galvanized plumbing with copper in older homes, builders were constructing new homes with copper plumbing.  The writing was on the wall.  The days of galvanized plumbing were past.  Today, we only occasionally get called on to repipe a home with galvanized plumbing.  Oh, we’re still busy replacing plumbing in homes in the Phoenix area, but repiping looks very different today than it did 30 years ago.

(to be continued…)

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