phoenix air conditioner tech fixes ac repair problemsAir Conditioner Repair problems can have a number causes, and not all of them have to do with the air conditioner itself.

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Your air conditioner’s condensate drain pipe – like your air conditioner – is working overtime in this high humidity.  But if the condensate pipe isn’t draining properly, you’ve got a problem.

As your Air Conditioning system cools the air in your home, the evaporative coils are removing moisture from the air, producing condensation.   Much of the time, in the dry desert climate of Phoenix, this condensation is minimal.  But in times of high humidity, the condensation can be as much as 5-20 gallons per day!

This condensation collects in a pan in the air conditioner (the primary condensate pan) where a 3/4″ pvc drain pipe then allows the condensation to flow out of the pan and removes it to a drain location outside, and somewhat away from, your house.  There is also a secondary pan underneath the air conditioner and it, too, is connected to a drain pipe which allows water in the pan to drain from the house.  The primary drain line normally drains at the base of your home; the secondary pipe typically drains up near the eaves.

AC Repair includes clearing clogged drain pipes.

If the primary drain line becomes clogged, you’ll see water draining from the secondary (higher) line.  Call us immediately!  The only reason for water draining from the secondary line is that the primary line has
become clogged.  And a clogged drain pipe is a problem!

A sludge-like build-up of mold, mildew and algae from the condensation that sits in the pan as well dirt and dust that invade the system, can cause a drain and/or drain pipe to become clogged.  Because it drains near the foundation of your home, at ground level, debris from landscaping near the outlet of the primary drain can back up – or be blown – into the end of the pipe, causing a clog.  Spiders or other insects can nest in, and clog, either drain pipe.  In some cases, a drain line lacks proper pitch and clogs are a chronic problem.  Whatever the cause, a clogged ac drain pipe can lead to serious damage to your home.

Your AC air handler, which contains the evaporative coils responsible for removing the moisture from the air as it’s cooled, is normally located in your attic.  If the water collecting in the primary drain pan in the air handler can’t drain because of a clogged drain pipe, it will accumulate and overflow into the secondary drain pan.  If this secondary drain line clogs, the water has nowhere to go but into your attic – causing damage to your ceiling, insulation and maybe even to your home’s trusses!  Even if the accumulation of water isn’t significant enough to overflow the pan, water standing in the secondary pan, which is normally a metal pan, can cause the metal pan to rust.  Water leaking from a rusted pan can also cause serious damage.

Regular AC Maintenance, including drain pipes, helps prevent AC repair problems.

Your air conditioner’s condensate drain system needs regular maintenance and cleaning in order to make sure it’s working properly.  We always recommend having the drain lines cleared as a part of your annual AC maintenance. If you haven’t had your AC System Maintenance yet this year, give us a call and schedule now.  Even if your air conditioner seems to be working fine, are you sure a drain pipe isn’t clogged?

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