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Air conditioning repair phoenix AC serviceSince 1982, Stevens Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning has been helping homeowners in Phoenix and the Phoenix metro area keep their homes cool and comfortable.

Our experienced Air Conditioner repair technicians can diagnose and repair your AC problem quickly, and have your home cool again in no time!  Our AC repair prices are affordable, and we’ll always give you a quote up-front, so you’ll know the cost of your AC repair before any work is done. No surprises!

We’re licensed, bonded and insured.  And, Better Business Bureau (BBB) members – with an A+ rating. 

And, we give a 100% Quality Workmanship Guarantee on every job we do.

And, we can help if you need a new air conditioner also.  Visit our air conditioning installation page for more information.

If you’ve got questions or you need more information before you’re ready to schedule your air conditioner repair service, give us a call.  We always have an experienced AC technician available during business hours to answer your questions.   No sales pressure, no hype.  We really just want to help!

Air Conditioning System Inspection and Tune-Up : only $59 for a limited time.

Have your Air Conditioner checked every year.  This small investment in regular maintenance of your air conditioner will save you money on AC Repair in the long run.  Your unit will run better and more efficiently, saving you money on energy costs.  And, your ac system will last longer.

(See details of our thorough AC System Check-Up)

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Looking for an Air Conditioning company that really cares about its customers?
Here’s what one happy customer has to say about Stevens Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning:

ac repair in phoenix azWonderful and Incredible Company!  I have had the pleasure of dealing with Stevens Plumbing, Heating, and Air on more than one occasion. They are by far the best company I have dealt with in a long time. They took their time to really figure out what was going on with the homes, and provided a detailed list of repairs, and their pricing. I really appreciate their honesty and integrity. I am a Realtor who loves to be honest, and it sometimes is rare to find contractors that are truly the same way. I cannot say enough good things about Stevens Plumbing, Heating, and Air. They arrive when they say they will, and are professional. They let me know what they think my clients might want to do on their own, and also what they can do, and how much it’ll be. Their prices are amazing, and they can do all the plumbing, heating, and a/c with one call. They came out to see the properties right away, and were on time, and not in a rush when they got there, so they could thoroughly check everything out. I am a very happy customer, and my clients are thankful and grateful to Stevens.  Mrs. C – January 2013

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Helpful Tips for Saving Energy and $$ Keeping your Home Cool.

Air Conditioner Repair in Phoenix-AC repair truck with technicians moving air conditioner into houseLittle things mean a lot!  Little changes really can lead to big $aving$.  Setting your air conditioner thermostat up just 3 degrees in the summer may help reduce your energy costs, and by using fans as well as taking some of these other recommended steps, you and your family should still be comfortable.  Set the thermostat to the highest temperature you can for your comfort. 

And, consider upgrading to a progammable ac thermostat which will automatically adjust the temperature at night or when you’re away from the home. A programmable thermostat is a relatively inexpensive upgrade that can give a great return on your investment.

Gotta Love those Trees!  Wherever possible, plant trees to shade your home, especially on the west side.  You might be amazed at the difference this can make in keeping your home cooler, while taking some of the stress off your air conditioner and reducing your utility bills.  Of course, keeping blinds/curtains closed during the hottest part of the day is a smart move as well.  Whatever you can do to shade your home from the hot, hot summer sun will help keep your home more comfortable and help keep your utilities down.  But, be sure when you plant those trees – or bushes or other plants – that they don’t block the air flow around your air conditioner and that they aren’t the messy variety that will produce debris that could clog your ac system.  And, if you already have landscaping near your air conditioner, it’s a good idea to check to make sure nothing is interfering with the proper flow of air needed for your ac unit to function well.

Is your home a little older?  Is it well insulated?  Be aware of where cool air might be escaping due to gaps around doors, windows, or areas where insulation has been perhaps inadvertently moved aside in the attic.  Caulking, weather stripping, adding insulation are all good ideas if you notice any areas of your home where you are losing cooled air.  And, check your air conditioner ducts to make sure there are no problems with the system.  You may want to have a professional do this for you.  If your ac ductwork has separated at any point, have that problem corrected immediately.  

Does Upgrading make sense for you?  It might, if you have an older air conditioner.  Not only may your older air conditioning system be costing you money in excess energy usage – as well as not keeping your home as comfortable as you’d like – but with the change from R22 refrigerant to 410A, an older AC will undoubtedly mean increasingly costly repairs and maintenance.  Read our blog about AC Refrigerant if you’d like more information about the changes ahead.

And, finally……we never want to forget to remind homeowners to change those Air Conditioner filters!  Phoenix is such a dusty environment that it’s impossible, even with doors and windows kept closed in the summer months, not to have dust build-up on your AC filter.  And, of course, there are other air pollutants that your filters are removing, like pet hair, that can build up quickly.  We always recommend replacing your AC filters monthly – with disposable filters, by the way.  You can read more about that in this blog on Air Conditioning Tips.

Questions?  Give us a call!  An experienced AC tech is always available during business hours to answer your questions.

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