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AC Compressor / Condenser


The AC Compressor, a component of your AC Condenser, is the heart of your home’s Air Conditioning system, and one of the most costly components. If it fails, your AC system will stop working, and, unfortunately for you as a homeowner, the AC compressor needs replacement more often than any other component in your system. The compressor can fail for a number of reasons. Refrigerant floodback, lack of lubrication, system contamination or electrical problems and overheating can all cause the compressor to fail. Many of these problems can be detected before the situation reaches the point of a system failure. That’s one reason why it’s important to have regular maintenance on your air conditioner to detect and prevent potential problems early on.

If you’re already noticing a problem with your AC system, call us right away. Early detection and diagnosis of the problem may allow us to fix your air conditioner with a simple repair. But, if a repair isn’t possible, Compressor or Condenser replacement may be an option, at a cost significantly lower than replacing your entire Air Conditioning system.

Questions about your AC Condenser or Compressor? Give us a call. An experienced AC technician is always available to answer your questions.

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