leak year birthday cupcakesJust a quick post to say “Happy Birthday” to all those who were born on Leap Year Day.   With an official birthday only once every four years, you all deserve our  wishes when your special day comes around.  Especially like this tale from Joel:

“Typically in a non-leap year birthday scenario, I might go out to a local pub, and when it gets close to midnight, I’ll go into countdown mode — draw a little bit of attention towards myself and say, “My birthday’s coming in four, three, two, one — oh, it’s over.” And then have a slug of beer.”  Joel Strack, Orlando, Fla.(1)

Joel has 24 hours to have all the beer he wants this year!  Let’s all toast to Joel.

(1) courtesy http://www.npr.org/2016/02/28/468446187/how-do-you-celebrate-a-leap-year-birthday