garbage disposalGarbage Disposal Tip:  Should I run water down my kitchen sink drain when I use my garbage disposal?

Your garbage disposal is designed to grind/chop the food scraps put into it so that they are small enough to be easily disposed of through your plumbing drain pipes.  If you don’t run water as the disposal is operating, instead of being flushed through and completely out of your drain pipes and into the sewer/septic, the food particles will build up in the pipes and can cause drain stoppages.  Food particles not flushed through by adequate water flow can also build up on the blades of the disposal and cause it to jam.  (In that case, you may hear the motor humming but the disposal blades won’t operate.)

To avoid drain stoppages and jammed garbage disposals, be sure to run enough water through your disposal to flush the food waste thoroughly.  Run the water at full flow while the disposal is operating, and continue to run the water for a few seconds after the disposal has stopped.

For more tips on keeping your garbage disposal operating as well as it should, and avoiding sink stoppages, or for information about how you can troubleshoot your garbage disposal, see our Garbage Disposals page.

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