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Copper piping has been in residential use for years, and most people are aware of the benefits of repiping their home with copper.  Copper is a very durable metal, resistant to ultraviolet rays, and suitable for exterior as well as for interior use.  It’s resistance to bacteria is appealing to many homeowners.  And soft copper piping is easy to install, making it more popular with plumbers than the hard copper pipe that was used for so many years.

But, copper pipe has disadvantages.  It can corrode under certain conditions, such as when the water has a high PH and high acid content like that found in homes in Phoenix, Scottsdale and valleywide.  Corrosion of the copper pipes will eventually cause them to leak and you could be faced with repiping your home yet again!  Copper pipes can also burst if the water in the pipes freezes under certain circumstances, such as when they’re installed on a flat roof without proper insulation, or if they are in the attic of an unoccupied home that isn’t heated.  And, copper prices have gotten more expensive in recent years.

Many people are unaware that PEX pipe (crosslink Polyethelene) has become the number one choice of both plumbers and homeowners for repiping homes.  PEX has been in residential use for over twenty years and has proven to be an excellent option for repiping.  PEX does not corrode, as copper does.  It’s flexible and can expand and contract with changing temperatures, allowing for pressure balancing of the water supply in your home. And, because of it’s flexibility, PEX is not as apt to split if the water in the pipes freezes.  PEX is easy and fast to install.  It requires relatively few fittings and the fittings are applied with a crimping tool – no need to solder and no risk of fire!  PEX is also more affordable than copper.

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