Check out how plumb and square the pipes are!   This picture was taken at a copper repipe job done at a Phoenix home recently by the Stevens Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning repiping crew.

Copper repipe - pipes in wall The plumbers repiped this home in just one day!  There were five repiping specialists on the job working together to make sure things went smoothly from start to finish.

And even though they did the job so quickly, you can see that the work is extremely neat and professional.  These guys really know what they’re doing!  They all have years of experience, and work well together as a team.

Doing a copper repipe properly requires certain skills that take time and experience to develop.  Unlike pex, copper has to be soldered, and much of the soldering takes place in the attic where insulation presents a very real hazard.  Care has to be taken that sparks from the soldering process don’t ignite the insulation in the attic, as well as in the walls.

copper repipe specialist installs copper pipe at Phoenix homeThe holes that have to be cut in the drywall when doing a copper repipe are a little bigger than what’s required in other types of repiping to allow for the joints to be soldered, so it’s important that the drywall be cut very neatly.  This makes the drywall repair process go much more smoothly, saving the homeowner money as well as helping to ensure a good finish when the drywall patch is complete.

And, while the pipes won’t show when the job is done and the drywall has been patched, it’s good to know that the work that’s been done is neat and professional.

Stevens Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning has been doing copper repipes in Phoenix, and throughout the Phoenix metro area, since 1982.  We know copper repipes!

Questions?  Give us a call!  An experienced repipe plumber is always available during business hours to answer your questions.

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