An ounce of burst pipes prevention is worth…

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…well, potentially thousands of dollars to “cure” the water damage to your home from burst pipes.

About this time every year Phoenix gets hit with a winter storm that brings with it several nights of freezing temperatures.  And, every year when that happens we get slammed with calls from customers who’ve had a water pipe burst (like the one in this picture), causing damage not just to the plumbing system but also causing water damage to their homes.  Phoenix homeowners don’t have to deal with freezing temperatures very often (which is a good thing) but because of our mild climate homeowners are often unprepared when freezes do occur.

Reminder!  Wrap up and avoid burst pipes!

So, this is our annual reminder to all homeowners, valleywide, to take steps now to help prevent frozen water pipes.

How can you prevent frozen and burst pipes?

What can you do to prevent damage from a frozen and burst pipe?  Start by looking around your house for any exposed water pipes, such as the main riser (where the water enters your home), hose bibbs, above ground sprinkler valves.  Wrap these well with old sheets/blankets, and don’t forget to cover the pressure vacuum breakers.  

Also take a look at any water pipes that run under the eaves, along exterior walls, or on a flat roof.  These pipes should be insulated, and if they’re not, have that done as soon as possible.  And inspect the insulation to make sure it hasn’t deteriorated over the past year(s) from sun damage, birds, etc.  Much easier and less expensive to repair the insulation than to repair a burst pipe, and the resulting damage to your home!

What about the pipes in the attic or in uninsulated walls (like a garage wall)?  Usually, those won’t be a problem, as long as the house is heated.  Don’t turn your heat off, or down too far, when you leave for the holidays or go on that winter vacation.  You might save a few dollars in heating costs, but at a risk of incurring thousands of dollars in water damage.

And, be sure your heat system is working properly.
And, if you haven’t already had your heater checked, CALL NOW and have that done!  Make sure it’s working properly and you’ll have heat when you want and need it.

Questions? Give us a call!  An experienced plumber or hvac tech is always available during business hours to answer your questions.

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