bradford white water heaters phoenixYes, many plumbers prefer Bradford White Water Heaters.

We can’t speak for every plumbing company in Phoenix, but from our own experience we have to say we at Stevens Plumbing Heating & Air conditioning prefer Bradford White water heaters.

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Of course, we can (and do) install all makes and models of water heaters.  But we always encourage customers to check out the advantages of Bradford White heaters.

Bradford White water heaters, whether electric or gas, are very energy efficient. 

The Hydrojet Total Performance System heats water faster, and also contributes to the water heaters longer potential lifespan by reducing the build up of sediment in the tank as well as on the elements in your electric water heater, while the Icon gas control system provides more accurate and consistent temperature control, plus other enhanced features, for your gas heater.

Bradford White water heaters are also extremely durable.

The construction of the heaters includes a tamper proof, durable brass drain valve rather than the more commonly used (but much less desirable) plastic drain valve.

And their gas models, which have the Defender Safety System, have several safety features that offer a high level of protection for both users and property.

Bradford White water heaters have many more features, in addition to those listed above, that make them our choice of water heaters.  If you are thinking of purchasing a new water heater and would like more information about Bradford White water heaters, give us a call.  We sell and install all sizes, gas or electric.  Our prices are competitive, and our service is outstanding!

And, we are currently offering $75 Off the cost of purchase and installation
of any water heater – all sizes, gas or electric.

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An experienced plumber is always available during business hours to answer your questions about Bradford White (or any other make or model) water heaters.

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