bathtub replacement optionsThinking about replacing a bathtub at your home?

Even in Phoenix, where our winter low temperatures bring chuckles from our northern neighbors, a soak in a bathtub filled with hot water can feel really good after a long day.  What doesn’t feel good is when the bath water cools before you’re completely relaxed and ready to get out.

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Sure, you can keep running more hot water into the tub to bring the water temperature back up to comfort level, but that’s a nuisance.  You sit up to let some water drain out, reach up to turn the tap on, and then off again.  If you have to keep repeating this process to keep the water warm enough, after awhile you realize you’re not really doing what you wanted to do, which was relax in a hot bathtub.  Frankly, it just isn’t worth it.

But take heart!  There may be a solution. 

If you’re considering bathtub replacement, you might want to consider a heated bathtub.

Depending on your preferences, and your bathroom design, you have options when it comes to a heated bathtub.

One option you might consider is replacing your old tub with a  bathtub with a heated surface, such as Kohler’s “Underscore” line of tubs.  Following the trend of heating surfaces like car seats, floors, toilet seats and even bidets, Kohler introduced their Bask heated surface bathtub, with temperature setting options that allow you to adjust the surface temperature of the tub to your comfort.  No more leaning back onto a shockingly cold tub!  No more waiting for the hot water and your body heat to bring the tub surface to a comfort level.  While this type of bath heater doesn’t actually heat, or re-heat, the water in the tub, the heated bathtub surface will immediately enhance your relaxation experience and the heated surface should help the water in the tub stay hot/warm longer.

Of course, you’ll have to replace your old tub with a new heated tub in order to take advantage of this modern bathroom technology, but the good news is heated tubs are available in many sizes to fit into your existing space, and the heaters operate on 110 volts, so they will work with a standard outlet, and they are inexpensive to operate, using no more energy than a standard light bulb.

jetted bathtub replacement optionsJetted bathtubs offer some possibilities besides bathtub replacement.

If you have a jetted tub, or are thinking of having a jetted tub installed in your bathroom, you may want to check out the heating system options.

Several jetted tub models offer an in-line heater option, and you may be able to add a heater to your existing jetted tub – a great choice if you aren’t in the market right now for bathtub replacement.

This type of tub heater works much like a hot tub.  As long as the pump is running, the heater heats the water whenever it falls below the set temperature, then automatically turns off when the set temperature has been reached.  The heater will keep the temperature of the water in the tub from varying more than just a few degrees, for as long as the heater is on.  This is great for those who like a long soak in a nice hot tub.

Want the best of both?  Consider replacing your old bathtub with a Kohler Underscore Drop-In BubbleMassage Air/Whirlpool Combo Bath Tub, which has both a heated tub surface and an inline heater.  Just think about it…. instant comfort as you recline against the tub….consistent warm/hot water temperature with no effort on your part….soothing jets….relaxing for as long as you want….makes me want to jump in one right now!

Bathtub heaters come in either 110v or 220v, and the installation will depend on your bathroom’s plumbing.  Check with us if you’re interested in finding out more about what the options would be for replacing your bathtub. 

Bathtub replacement cost may not be expensive as you think.  

And, if you’re like me and enjoy a long, relaxing soak in a tub of hot water….I don’t even have to mention the benefits!

Questions?  Give us a call!  An experienced plumber is always available during business hours to answer your questions.  We are licensed plumbers, and remodeling contractors, and can help you with any bathtub or bathroom plumbing project.

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