Recent comment from a Phoenix customer: “My air conditioner is working fine.  I’ll just call you if I have a problem.” 

air conditioner repair in PhoenixReally?!  That’s like telling your mechanic your car is running fine and you’ll skip the oil change, etc. and just see him when it breaks down!  Can’t you just picture him rubbing his hands with glee, as $dollar signs$ light up his eyes and his brain says “ka-ching, ka-ching”?!  Oh, he’ll be seeing you allright – and you won’t be too happy about it when it happens.

I need to tell you the situation with your air conditioner is pretty much the same – we’ll be seeing you, either now for ac maintenance, or later (think July or August when the temperatures hit 110 degrees – or above -and the humidity is just plain nasty!) for air conditioner repair

There’s lots of information out there about why it’s so important to have your air conditioner serviced each spring – how that helps keep it running better and more efficiently and contributes to a longer useful life for your ac unit – so I won’t repeat that here (you can read my recent post on that subject if you missed it at “It’s AC system inspection time in Phoenix, Az.“). 

But let me stress again that if you haven’t yet scheduled your air conditioning service, do it now!  I like the sound of ka-ching as much as the next guy, but here at Stevens Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning we take customer service seriously – and we think we have a responsibility to our customers to try to help them avoid major ac repair expenses if at all possible.  So give us a call right now.  Don’t put it off!

(And, by the way, our mystery customer did schedule maintenance for his air conditioning system after the reasons why it’s so important were explained to him.)

Questions?  Give us a call!  An experienced AC tech is always available during business hours to answer your questions (or schedule your ac maintenance.  Call now!)

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